As a real estate agent that was generating internet leads for other agents in outside areas, I always had trouble figuring out which agent was available at that moment for a lead hand-off. This problem occured whenever I was trying to schedule a showing for a new prospective client on behalf of another showing agent, this particular situation occurred in number of cities around the State of Michigan. I would call and warm any incoming Zillow lead, answer some simple questions consumers usually have, and then try to schedule a showing with one of my teams agents. I had created a virtual team by farming out Zillow leads to agents all over. I was buying leads outside of my area and creating independent agent partnerships to convert those leads. All the while acting as a resource and assistant in helping any agents on my team convert the leads I was sending them.

When building any virtual team and converting online leads, I discover that many agents are excited to receive leads, however, few agents want to work them at the times they are needed to. I had the same problem occur over and over again, and that was whenever I would try to schedule a showing on behalf of another agent in any given area I would never know who was available at the time. After making about three or four calls I was usually able to find an agent that could be available to take the referral lead and call them immediately. There is no product to date that effectively helps a broker or office administrator to essentially act as a dispatcher for incoming floor calls, open house help requests, and single showing requests; in addition to agent teams within the brokerage distributing online leads. Virtual Floor Desk (VFD) agent app can change the way agents labor hours are managed effectively. All the while keeping that agent motivated by working when they want to, and any subscribing VFD client broker or team leader assured that their leads are being worked effectively and efficiently.

Most agents taking leads want to feel like they are not always on call. Most brokers have no idea how many floor calls they get in a year, or which listing areas the floor calls come in on. Most brokers also have no idea which agents are taking the majority of those floor calls and what those agents conversions rates are for the unknown number of prospective clients they have taken.

Virtual Floor Desk creates an UBER-like concept for agents who want to be active when receiving leads. The “first to” agent concept means that whomever just received that new lead will be calling them immediately and providing updated cloud based client tracking analytics. As the company grows these features will continue to encompass a number of other critical data pieces that have yet to be tracked by any software provider.

Virtual Floor Desk reshapes how active agents within a brokerage office work together to close a deal, even if they aren’t on a recognized team with one another. VFD’s software platform creates better lead tracking amongst brokerage offices and their agents. It allows brokers to keep their finger on the status of any incoming leads, which is directly tied to any agents number of prospective sales, and more importantly, how that specific agent is communicating with and following up with that client prior to a closed sale or pending sale (how many “hot prospects” does a broker have with their agents that could be ready to purchase today?). Think cutting edge, and someday soon-to-be industry standard, accompanied by pre-sale pipeline monitoring, agent analytics to the minute, and seamless broker to agent communication and coordination. Today’s leading industry software providers have yet to create a solution like Virtual Floor Desk.

Virtual Floor Desk provides brokerage office and agent lead conversion solutions. We are the first to market CRM that is specifically focused on developing this feature, and the overwhelming majority of industry CRM providers have yet to add this feature. Most leading industry CRM’s do not have the feature even on their radar. VFD’s agent app increases chances that the broker and/ or agent will convert any new lead into a sale, and allows any team leader or broker to easily track a leads progression from inception to close. This is because VFD agent app guarantees availability of the agent receiving the lead because they have to claim it themselves, which guarantees agent enthusiasm toward conversion of the lead. The supervisory team leader or agent broker can monitor all data pushed to the dashboard from the VFD agent agent app. This ensures safeguards for accountability of the agent because the subscriber (paying VFD client, would be a broker or team leader) can easily verify if the agent is following up and communicating effectively.

VFD software product will be sold via monthly subscription service to a large pool of agent teams and brokers. VFD focuses strongly on our strongest and specific “First To” feature that an existing CRM subscriber would also find useful to add. It’s also useful to brokers and offices in the same, that it tracks and hands out floor call leads. Virtual Floor Desk is a technology solution that will give our broker clients and subscribers a new look into their real estate business.

1. VFD ensures that the agent receiving that lead is always available, because it must be claimed prior to receiving..

2. Creates an Uber-like scenario for lead claim where the agent receiving the lead has just claimed it and is immediately ready for follow up. Leads that come in are followed up on much faster and more efficiently, thus creating a better chance conversion rate, and better broker analytics for tracking conversion rate amongst agents.

3. Automations to agent follow up assistance within VFD ensure that the agent is getting the correct information from the prospect in order to customize a home search that fits their needs, along with staying in front that client and communicating with them effectively in the new digital landscape of home searching online.

All donations successfully raised will go toward completing phase 1 of software development and a secure (https) payment processing website. Your contribution would have VFD cash flowing within 30 days!

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