After our initial proof of concept showed great results, the executive team agreed the Camelyon17 Grand Challenge would be a good test to see if we had what it took to compete in the market. After placing 15th out of 461 competitors, customers started to look to us for guidance and expertise as to how they could apply Machine Intelligence technology to improve their businesses. At our initial meeting with a customer in Chicago, they told us that this is different and wanted to be a part of this. This was when we knew we were on to something.

We didn’t invent the concept of artificial intelligence or AI technology, but we feel we are on the forefront of knowing how to apply it. We are not vendor- or technology-specific and are committed to using the right technology to maximize results. We want to be the experts of the 3 W’s (Who, What, and Why) when it comes to AI/MI, providing customers with practical solutions that can be easily implemented. In a crowded and confusing market, customers see our approach as unique and are genuinely excited to learn more about the technology and how it can be applied.

Our idea is unique in the AI market because unlike most vendors—who concentrate on technology, product, and billable hours—we tailor our process to the specific needs of the customer. Traditional consulting models can take years to build a customized solution, but AI allows us to interact with the appropriate technology providers to achieve maximum results in a short period of time. This allows us to be elastic while partnering with solution providers so customers see results quickly. We are also perfecting a performance model, allowing the customer very low risk and barriers to break into the AI space.

This round of funding will be about building our global platform, while solidifying our commercialization and ability to scale. It will allow us to finalize our strategic marketing plan, build a scalable sales and marketing platform, update our digital footprint, protect our Intellectual Property, launch our social media campaign, and purchase a client list. We also plan to participate in Camelyon18 to develop a Cardiac product we can use as a client demo and as a potential commercial offering. We continue to dream big, as the space is still evolving, but are creating a scalable plan to accomplish our goals.

David Dittenbar
Goal Amount: 
$1,100.00 / $1,000.00
Amount in USD