In 2007 we were blessed with a wild swarm of bees in a tree in the front of our property. We were immediately intrigued and began beekeeping the following spring. After reading about the benefits of honey and beeswax, I began making my own soap and lotion. My “aha” moment came after I cured myself of the dry, cracked, bloody knuckles that plagued me every winter and realized others could benefit from my discoveries. We are now a full time family run beekeeping business.

People are becoming more conscious of the impact of synthetic ingredients in our environment, food and personal care products. We take great care in assuring our products from the beehive are healthy and effective, all the way from our natural beekeeping methods to our organic ingredients. We’ve proven that you don’t have to sacrifice quality, effectiveness, or dare I say, luxury in natural products.

At Bee Lovely Botanicals, we treat our hives naturally, and use our own beeswax, honey, pollen, and propolis in our products. (Traditional hive treatments can leave residue in the wax.) We formulate our products to be effective and natural. We have uncovered the secret of true beeswax emulsions, combining oil, water, and a natural preservative to yield an effective lotion that is not greasy or overbearing. The chemistry involved in a true emulsion goes way beyond a simple melt and pour balm. We’ve nailed the “sweet” spot, where nature and science meet luxuriousness.

Look out, internet thing, here we come! As good as we are at product development and beekeeping, we need some serious help with marketing. We plan to use the funds to consult with online marketing and tech experts and get a little help for quick books. We want to continue to grow and expand our business so that Bee Lovely Botanicals is a household name.

We appreciate your help building our business! To say thank you we’re giving the following gifts to our supporters!
$10- Free Lip Therapy No. 1 Beeswax and Honey Lip Balm
$25- Free Cold Process Honey Soap + Lip Therapy No. 1 Beeswax and Honey Lip Balm
$50- Free Natural Beeswax Hand Cream + Cold Process Honey Soap + Lip Therapy No. 1 Lip Balm
$100-Free Royal Jelly, Green Tea, & Vitamin B3 Moisturizer + Beeswax Hand Cream + Cold Process Honey Soap + Lip Therapy No 1 Lip Balm
$150-Free Cold Process Soap of the Month (12 bars!!)+ Beeswax Hand Cream
These will be available for pickup only at the Mt Pleasant and Bay City CMURC offices, and in Unionville by appointment.

Jodie Kieliszewski
Josh Kieliszewski