As a youth, I chose a lifestyle that eventually caused me to spend a significant amount of my life incarcerated. During that time, I was forced to be creative and innovative in the way I approached food preparation. At one point, I decided I wanted to have some banana pudding. A friend who worked in the facility's kitchen knew how to make it. I asked for his recipe and for him to teach me how to make it. I couldn't get all of the ingredients he recommended, so I had to modify it to those I could access. What I ended up with was a product that no one could get enough of. Initially, I thought that maybe it was just an effect of our environment, so I didn't give serious thought into creating a business around it. However, upon release, I began periodically making it for friends and family to try. Again, everyone loved it and some even recommended that I make it for sale. That's when the seed began to truly sprout. After more trials and another spell in prison, I decided that I had something truly unique and that I wanted to share it with the world.

Over time, I’d recognized that there was an appalling lack of convenient access to authentic tasting banana pudding. There were many different recipes available for use. Yet most banana pudding lovers that I knew would either have to wait for a special occasion or an event, to again, taste their favourite dessert made by their favourite banana pudding maker. I aim to fix that problem by making fresh, homemade, authentic and delicious banana pudding available for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

My idea is so amazing because of the stunningly simple process I use to produce an almost unbelievably delicious treat. Moreover, I have taken it a step further and modified my original recipe to create several additional flavors. Currently, the peanut butter and strawberry versions are available, though more creative and exciting flavor combinations are simmering.

My next steps include obtaining my Food Service Establishment license so that I may approach retailers and distributors directly. If any funds remain after that, I plan to use them to conduct a survey campaign in several major cities in Michigan including Saginaw, Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Kalamazoo. I will include the data collected into my Marketing Plan and allocate funds to cost effective marketing for my product. Any remaining funds will be spent on inventory, equipment and if possible, a brick and mortar site.

Demar Brazil
Goal Amount: 
$1,000.54 / $3,500.00
Amount in USD