My AHA Moment:

How’s dad doing? I’m in Michigan; my father is in CA. I relied on regular facetime calls and conversations with caregivers to get answers, but that wasn’t adequate. Notes taken by caregivers stored in notebooks were useless from 2500 miles away. What about periodic doctor’s and therapy appointments when asked, “how is your dad doing?”? How do you answer that question over a week, a month, three months, timeframe? Issues arose when multiple caregivers interpreted the same situation differently, one says ”good” one says “bad”. Obtaining objective insights and seeing visual trends over periods of time is the answer.

The Big Idea:

Caregivers’ time spent with loved ones is valuable opportunities missed. Caregivers can capture meaningful insights but don’t have an effective means to do so. Our mobile app asks questions with pre-selected answers caregivers choose based on one’s diagnosis (dementia, diabetes, etc.). Objective answers with no subjectivity.
Answers are displayed as graphical trends spanning days, weeks, months, etc. These trends assist doctors, RN’s, therapists, etc. identify issues before they become serious. The app saves time, money, and reduces stress on our healthcare system. CGI provides families insights into loved ones’ well-being. We answer the simple question, “how’s a loved one doing?”

Why My Idea is Better Than The Rest?

Nothing in the marketplace captures the insight points caregivers are capable of recording with Caregivers Insight’s App. The best apps capture some vitals info, medications given and chores to do; maybe 8-10 data points. Caregivers Insight blows out that info capture and expands it to nearly 100 objective insight points including energy level, skin integrity, orientation, ambulation ability, fluid intake, PT completion, and pain location to name a few. CGI takes information gathering to a new stratosphere by displaying historical insights into easy-to-understand trend lines and graphs that can be shared. There’s nothing easier to use that provides more insight.

The Sky’s the Limit:

We’re focused on “go to market” execution. We will complete our beta version for client testing. We will use funds to improve the app’s UI/UX. We will also finish the design and launch of our website. We have a beta user group ready to use our app. We will leverage current relationships to strategically sell into key target markets; home care agencies, caregivers resource orgs and residential care facilities. Once we’ve hit our beachhead target, we will move to larger regional/national organizations. CGI will be valuable to various stakeholders from caregivers to 3rd parties interested in data we collect.

Christopher Jue
Goal Amount: 
$1,000.00 / $15,000.00
Amount in USD