Detroit Roses is an idea, brand, and business inspired by the raw reality of the city of Detroit. Too often Detroit is thought of in a negative light, which is not its true representation. Detroit has a resilient environment and people. It is a city that holds culture, creativity, and strength. Detroit Roses started because of the great influences coming from family, friends, teachers, coaches, political and social issues, socioeconomic issues, and everyday life experiences spent in Detroit. The culture, creativity, and strength of the City is what inspires us to do our part in showcasing the True beauty of Detroit. We are no longer waiting on someone else to do the work, we are taking on the challenge and responsibility ourselves so that our community is able to grow and learn then empower itself and sustain.

The Big Idea of Detroit Roses is support for the people of Detroit. The people of Detroit are not being considered in a lot of the new developments happening in this “comeback season.” There is a serious lack of resource and opportunity for self-development in the residential neighborhoods. There are abandoned buildings in neighborhoods that attract unwanted traffic, which has harmful effects on the residents in the neighborhood. The youth of the city are not getting adequate education or healthy food choices. Finally, there is hidden talent and an exponential amount of potential in these neighborhoods that’s being overlooked.

My idea is better than the rest because I am doing the hands on work, and I am approaching all of these problems as a young professional who is actually from Detroit. There are so many barriers put in place for people who come from cities like Detroit, however, I was able to make it out despite these circumstances, and now it is time to go back and add give to the community that gave so much to me without having much to give. Detroit Roses brings volunteers and resources together to address an issue within the community. We bring youthfulness and relatability to each project we implement in the city. We come together to establish a sense of community, work towards the issue, seek resources for these communities, and empower the people within them to continue the work and sustain.

The funds will be spent on marketing and advertisement to get the word out about our new services, projects and merchandise. We plan to be a successful business that represents the City of Detroit and its aspect of Community. The next steps for the brand is to create and strengthen our structure and organization for optimal productivity. We want to represent and serve the people well.

Tor Vinson
Estefan Barnes
Goal Amount: 
$1,000.00 / $1,000.00
Amount in USD