“AHA” Moment:
I’ve always wanted to do something big. Something that will change the lives of everyone in this world. It started with a gym, then coffee, and eventually a “Life Shot." Combining my passion with my heart to succeed and help others, I’m going to use this “Life Shot” to give people in the world what has been taken away.

The Big Idea:
Divine Mind is creating an extremely concentrated shot formula containing some of nature’s most powerful tonic herbs and super foods that will enhance ones longevity and well being. The Life Shot will be a completely natural and clean product designed to harvest untouched and pure ingredients from the most pristine locations around the world.

Why this idea is better than the rest:
Divine Mind is being established to issue a movement in this world. For every Life Shot that is purchased, one will be donated to assist mal-nourished communities within the world. We will start in the United States, then Brazil, and eventually outwards to make sure everyone is receiving the nutrition they need. Divine Mind only utilizes the highest quality of these substances available to ensure everyone is receiving what they deserve.

The Sky’s the Limit:
With the funds obtained, I will be able to progress from the planning phase into the future development of the Life Shot.

Joseph Hall
Goal Amount: 
$3,155.00 / $3,500.00
Amount in USD