It’s interesting how on this journey we call life, there are certain things and situations that affect how we see ourselves.

Have you ever seen a little girl hanging onto her daddy’s leg?
Or maybe, a young girl having her door opened by her dad?
It could even be a woman who’s dad still calls her “My Lil’ Girl”?
Well, that’s me growing up….a true daddies girl, who he treated just like a princess no matter my age. However, somewhere along the way I lost that feeling. With failed relationships, feeling unstable and depressed,
I lost feeling like a princess and that I could ever become a Queen. I completely lost the beauty I held inside. Then came JEWELRY!

Self image and self esteem have a lot to do with jewelry. I'm a living testimony to that. I realized that during the low points in my life and getting ready for each new day, topping off my outfit (cafeteria uniform or business casual), jewelry brought it all together and I FELT put together. Wearing jewelry was and is another way I wear my confidence. I realized I wanted to help ladies feel and look good from the inside out, and with jewelry I can do just that. And the name pays homage to my amazing dad, who has taught me I was a princess that grew into a Queen and better not forget it….Thanks Dad!

Negative self image and low self esteem are issues that women and girls face everyday. Bringing jewels and smiles to lift them up and help them see their own inner and outer beauty is what I strive to do. Making fashion mobile is even better! Traveling to various festivals, expos, partnering with other boutiques or even bringing the boutique to your girls night in….is bringing us where you’ll already be and making it fun.

A mobile jewelry and accessories boutique makes shopping much easier and more convenient. Being able to pause for a moment throughout a busy day; to treat yourself, friend or coworker is a fun way to make the day a little smoother. Why not have the jeweler come to you?
With an eclectic array of styles and great prices, there’s something for everyone. Plus, there’s various opportunities to join the team such as: Becoming a Style Rep, jumping on board behind the scenes like social media marketing, high school and college internships, becoming a Style Queen Ambassador, wholesale and distribution with other businesses.

With your amazing support, funds will be used to develop EL Ecentric’s backend dashboard. This upgrade will allow us to streamline our communication with our vendors. This update to our website will provide our customers with first dibs on bold, eccentric jewelry at their fingertips and submit special orders without the wait. Then, on to purchasing our truck and trailer!

Let’s make EL Ecentric MOBILE!

Supporter Rewards:
$10-$40: Social media shoutout & FREE Tree of Life earrings
$41-$75: Social media shoutout, FREE Tree of Life earrings & Pearl Necklace set
$76-$100: Social media shoutout, FREE Tree of Life earrings, 10% off your next purchase, journal & pen set
$101 & up: Social media shoutout, FREE Tree of Life earrings, 10% off your next purchase, journal & pen set, FREE 30 minute virtual or in-person accessorizing session!

Mariah EL-Amin
Goal Amount: 
$1,000.00 / $3,000.00
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