What started off as a class project at CMU quickly grew to be so much more. In September of 2016, the team met a woman named Jodie who was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy and reconstruction. Jodie explained the ongoing struggle of battling an uncomfortable cold feeling in her chest. To go to war with this unwelcome cold, we decided to begin developing a Thermal Bra. It would be not only warm, but also beautiful and comfortable. We hit the ground running and after only a few weeks, we knew we wanted to take it to the next level and that this problem was more widespread than we thought.

Elemental creates quality thermal bras designed with the needs of breast cancer survivors in mind. Women diagnosed with breast cancer, or the BRCA gene, who undergo mastectomy with prosthetic reconstruction have nearly all of their breast tissue removed which drastically affects their body’s ability to keep their implants at body temperature.
Many women who have undergone this traumatic surgery feel like they have lost a part of themselves and become self-conscious. Women want to be able to wear a beautiful bra that does not constantly remind them of the struggles they have gone through, but rather or - allows them to feel absolutely NORMAL!

The thermal bra provides a perfect solution to help these strong women stay comfortable by retaining body heat and keeping the cold out, all while presenting a fashionable design that makes women feel beautiful. Our thermal bra’s layered design allows for optimal comfort, warmth, and aesthetics providing a solution that is up to 33% warmer than a typical bra. Every woman, and her story, is different and at Elemental we understand that, which is why we have created multiple bras with various levels of warmth, ensuring the perfect bra for any situation. Creating confidence through function and fashion, Elemental strives to help women everywhere Embrace the Elements.

Elemental will be launching a Kickstarter this February, but in order to make that successful there are a few things we need to cover. First, we need additional legal counsel to finalize business agreements prior to the campaign. Marketing efforts will be key to a successful launch and that requires that we create a crowdfunding product video and a fully functioning website. Finally, these funds will be used to cover our remaining entity development costs.

Emily Austin, Sue Wroblewski, Augusta Overy, and Haley Rusicka