My passion is for the 'next generation!' As a Christian mother, grandmother and business woman, I have invested the last 20 years 'telling the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD’ based on the guidelines in Psalm 78. When our ‘next generation’ were little, it was easier to share lessons about God, Truth and Faith. Now that 8 of our 10 'next-gen' are 13 - 21 years old, the ways to communicate Truth from the Bible and life are more challenging. We needed a tool to unify all 3 generations in our family around topics related to life and the Bible.

Christian grandparents and parents who desire to intentionally disciple their next generation need a tool that can unite their family in a meaningful, memorable, and life-giving way. A unique tool that would enable families to share their legacy of faith!

I have created a tool, “The Gift of the Family Legacy,” that enables 3 generations of family to gather for hours, technology free! Through the power of ‘strategic’ questions and personal testimonies, families will bond as they share their legacy with each generation.

This amazing tool creates opportunities to be transparent and intentional while having memorable fun!!

There is nothing like this tool for families! It is unique, creative and strategic. The questions are powerful and impactful as well as fun. It is a tool that has the power to unite 3 generations of families at a very critical time in history! People are so linked to technology and they need amazing ‘hands-on’ resources to help them ‘redeem the family legacy.’ For those who feel lost and far behind, this tool will empower them to impact the ones they love and redeem the time they still have!

Next steps that will require financial resources that I don’t currently have:

-legal fees to copyright the ideas.

-a designer to develop the imagery for the ‘The Gift of the Family Legacy.’

-the actual production of the cards and case that make up the tool.

-marketing and website development.

The goal for first sale of product is November 1st, 2018. The goal is to have in families hands by Thanksgiving and Christmas.

HQWellness- Helping families Love God, Love Each Other and Live Well!

“The Gift of the Family Legacy”

Heidi Q. Shearer