My inspiration comes from my daughter and her friends. As these individuals with disabilities turn 26 they finish school. The big concern is what happens when you’re done .Transition plans lack choices and opportunities and are very bleak. The outcomes of employment for youth with intellectual disabilities have the lowest rates of employment. So my aha moment is to remedy this issue. The individuals with cognitive and developmental differences will be provided with job coaches. They will learn many new job skills with hands on training in the café and on the farm. Some of the jobs will include how to plant crops, raise livestock and professionally prepare some of the food, just to mention a few. There will be events, opportunities for functions and entertainment venues, rental and catering services opened to the public.

The solution to the problem is to develop resources and hands on job training for these individuals that want competitive jobs in the community. This will be an awesome, life changing, warm hearted experience for everyone. The café will be on a beautiful farm setting. It will provide a magnificent place to work and fulfill lives. A promising model to promote integration that provides real- life hands on work experiences that match individual interests. Everyone will do real tasks of running a restaurant and a farm and will be paid. It’s also my wish, to educate and motivate the community to develop more resources for job opportunities.

This first class café will be an educational experience for everyone. It will include other local businesses to help provide natural, wholesome food and goods. There will be hands on job training, in the café and on the farm. Growing and raising natural food to help sustain the business. In a beautiful, farm setting, dining experience that every individual will want to share, and to experience the abilities, that these unique individuals have to offer to each of us. There is nothing so spectacular in Bay County. This business will change the community and impact lives, in a positive way, to make our changing world a day to look forward too.

Golden Angels Café & Farm has multiple job opportunities and huge benefits for the community. All funding will be used to purchase the property, furnish equipment, technology and insurance needed for operation. Golden Angels Café & Farm is a first class environment with unlimited possibilities and goals for every individual.

Shelly Budnik
Goal Amount: 
$1,580.00 / $1,000.00
Amount in USD