"AHA" MOMENT: The cost to the United States for untreated substance abuse is 250 billion dollars per year. More than 75% of all drug users are employed full or part time, resulting in employers assuming most of that cost. In addition to the expense, employees who abuse alcohol and drugs (either on their own time or at work) pose significant problems for their employers, managers, and coworkers. These can include increased workplace accidents, diminished job performance and lowered productivity. Employees who abuse alcohol and drugs also tend to have higher absenteeism, tardiness, high turnover, and increased medical and health insurance costs. Employees who abuse drugs and alcohol make their workplace more dangerous for themselves and coworkers, and can expose employers to legal liability. According to the NCADI (National Clearinghouse for Drug and Alcohol Information) alcohol and drug abusers: Are far less productive Use three times as many sick days Are more likely to injure themselves or someone else Are five times more likely to file worker's compensation claims
THE BIG IDEA: Employers can positively impact the culture of their company by implementing a comprehensive drug and alcohol program. Pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random drug testing, along with an Employee Assistance Program can send the message to the employee that their employer cares about their safety while on the job and values a work environment that is safe, clean, productive and healthy.
WHY THIS IDEA IS BETTER THAN THE REST: Great Lakes Mobile Drug Testing has simplified the entire process of drug testing. Your time is valuable and our service enables you to work smarter, not harder. We are a safe, efficient, convenient, and more affordable drug testing solution with reliable results. With onsite testing, we have removed the hassle of using offsite drug testing facilities. Great Lakes Mobile Drug Testing Collectors are DOT Certified and we offer same-day, after hours and weekend testing. We offer a wide range of test types, from 5-Panel Rapids tests which provide immediate results, to DOT Certified Drug and Alcohol tests.
THE SKY'S THE LIMIT: Great Lakes Mobile Drug Testing will use the funds raised for company growth and for marketing materials that creatively and effectively communicate our ability to help businesses establish and administer drug testing programs which provide their employees with a workplace culture that does not support drug use.

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