“AHA” Moment
As an Army Veteran there was a real necessity for good coffee.
We often referred to it as “Lifer Juice” because it was more than just a beverage it helped get you through some rough mornings!
When I retired I was fully committed to having a cup or two every morning and even throughout the day.
Eventually as I sought the perfect roast an old army buddy of mine showed me his roaster he kept in his “man shed” and I thought why not give it a shot?
That was my “AHA” moment!

The Big Idea:
I started with an old Dutch oven on my gas range and worked my way up to some home roasters. The crackling of the beans and that first pot I made from home roasted beans was unlike any other cup of coffee.
I started to notice the purity of the brew and there was no heartburn or bitterness.
There was medium roasts and dark roasts that I created and even a blend with chicory.
It wasn’t long before I decided to share this experience with people at the Saint Louis, MI Farmers Market where I started selling my freshly roasted coffee beans in June of 2018 with the name Hardtack Coffee Company, LLC.

Why My Idea is better than the rest:
My idea is better than the rest because it is about starting at the baseline for any coffee business; the roasting. Serving coffee is one thing but roasting it with quality beans is the only way to grow a coffee business from the ground up.
The concept is to include the customer as well. Encourage experimentation with different green beans and provide an experience where the customer can also be involved with the type of blend and flavors they want. This would include tastings to provide insight into how roasting is the key to a great cup of coffee.

The Sky’s the limit:
The establishment of an artisan, coffee roasting business in central Michigan will provide another unique business to the local community with the intent to sell locally, nationally and internationally through online and in-store distribution.
A great coffee bean coupled with marketing through social media and other means will allow for Hardtack Coffee Company to start small but grow its customer base over time.

Dan Maloney
Goal Amount: 
$60.00 / $1,000.00
Amount in USD