For over 30 years sports, particularly football, has been a way of life for me. Football has taught me, in many regards, to be the man that I have become today. Growing up in an environment where I was labeled an "at risk" kid the opportunities to thrive were minimal, but not on a football field. As I advanced through youth football, into high school football, college and then coaching at multiple levels there always seemed a time when I found our teams and coaches saying the same things to one another, "protect the ball", "ball security" and finally "hold it High and Tight with all your life". These cues were reminders of the most precious commodity in our sport and it also led me, probably due to some losses that could have been controlled, to find a way to assist in the training of an athlete to insure that all their hopes and dreams were not dashed by a fumble.

This desire, coupled with the blessing of my own sons, led me to analyze and invent a method of training that will forever change how my children and others train to carry a football HIGH and TIGHT. Over the course of the last couple years, with my wife and 3 little boys supporting me we have investigated, researched, developed and are now close to a training product that we can manufacture and get in the hands of millions that are passionate about football as we are each year. As a single income family we have sacrificed to accomplish the goals of acquiring the intellectual property rights for this device as well as all the necessary steps to set up our L.L.C. and the word and logo marks of HIGH and TIGHT along with developing a prototype that proves our concept. We are now approaching the finish line of a stage of our race that will allow our product to be manufactured but we need some assistance.

In order to accomplish our dreams of seeing our HIGH and TIGHT training product in the hands of millions of football players each year we need some financial assistance to complete the manufacturing steps and the final mass prototype development. Please consider assisting our family with our dream of bringing our device to market.

Tom Creguer