I was stuck in a job search that felt very impersonal and disconnected. As I submitted resumes to online job banks, I knew there had to be a better way. Social media was connecting people in ways never imagined before, but job sites had not caught up to that technology.

The problem with a typical job search is the inability to be seen and heard, along with the repetitiveness of uploading resumes and answering questions. I wanted to give job seekers and employers the ability to search, find, connect and interact with each other earlier in the hiring process.

WHY MY IDEAS IS BETTER THAN THE REST is a superior platform to those currently available to job seekers and employers. It employs multi-media content, which brings a job seeker to life in ways a written resume never can. Job seekers and employers can engage in a social media environment- matching our cur-rent communication habits and preferences.

Our funds will be used to improve our platform’s functionality and user experience, including design and building of a mobile application. Once our platform is fully optimized, we will expand our marketing efforts beyond Michigan, working to make the nation’s preferred job search site.

Amy L. Smith
Nico A. Smith
Goal Amount: 
$1,000.00 / $1,000.00
Amount in USD