I was frustrated with how hard it is to eat healthy enough to lose weight. I tried the Keto diet and it worked. But I was too busy to be able to sustain it. The time it takes to shop and meal prep. When I realized that I am not the only busy person with this frustration I decided to solve this problem for others. Over the last year, there are very few people who are busier than Frontliners. So, I want your help to take care of them. Your donations will help us feed them at our open houses by giving us a place to feed them. Your donations will go toward providing us with that space at the CMURC, which is $250 per month. Help us get to $1000 so that we can do it for 4 months. The more you donate the longer we can host this open house at that location. We are covering the cost of labor and look to feed 75 Frontliners at each open house, with your help.

Many want to eat and feel healthy but do not have the time to do it. The Keto Diet has proved effective in achieving this end. So, we created a company that enables people who want to do this but are too busy to do this for themselves to let us make it easier for them to fulfill this desire.

We are locally made, unfrozen and ready to devour in contrast to meal plans that have been on the shelf or in the freezer for who knows how long. Order and get your 6-days of meals within days and receive other information on how you can maintain that healthy feeling and lifestyle. Most importantly is how we can take care of those taking care of us.

We will use the funds to maintain access to the CMURC Board Room where we will do open houses to feed Frontline workers. If you help us maintain the space we will cover the employee wages necessary to feed Fronliners for free as an expression of our gratitude.

Stacy Hawkins
Goal Amount: 
$1,000.00 / $1,000.00
Amount in USD