Wild game hunting has evolved from a bare necessity of life, to a big game sport for many hunters in Michigan and across the United States. As the summer fades and the autumn chill creeps in, some hunters gather with their friends and family at hunting camps and cottages spread throughout the great American wilderness. Other hunters prefer the peacefulness and serenity of a quiet morning to themselves while waiting for the big game to stroll on by. Whether you’re hunting with a “pack” or are the “lone wolf,” all hunters have the same problem after you’ve bagged your prized buck or just pulled the trigger on that black bear you had in your sights – you have to field-dress the animal, get it home and then hang it. Hanging your prized possession can be very cumbersome with the current gambrel method.

Hunters have struggled to quickly field-dress, transport, and process the prized kill in order to protect the meat from being contaminated or spoiling. Not anymore, MANacle has developed a new and innovative Wild Game Hanger for hunters to field-dress, transport their wild game after a kill, and easily skin and process the meat. Whether it’s a deer, bear, rabbit, fox, or even a bird, MANacle’s Wild Game Hanger fits all sized animals and makes it easy ensure you get the most meat from your kill.

This innovative Wild Game Hanger uses “manacles” that are easy to attach to any wild game’s extremities. Once attached, gravity and the animal’s own weight securely lock the animal into the manacle’s tight grip. The manacles come in multiple attachment sizes and can be used with a large animal, multiple small animals, or multiples parts of any animal making it perfect for all hunters!

The best part of the Manacle Wild Game Hanger is the time your hunter will save. Hunters can quickly skin the animal while hanging, then process the meat, and individually hang quartered sections on separate manacles for curing. This eliminates meat sitting in blood-filled pans, trays, or bowls and allows you enjoy your kill not only cleaner, but quicker!

MANacle intends to use the funds raised for creation of a website and a patent application.

Greg Nostrant
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