When a baby is birthed it should be a miracle. It does not always turn out that way. There are many crisis situations where, if prepared, can save a mother from death. We realize that Obstetrical nurses do not have a universal training mechanism to help protect a maternal crisis situation or maternal code. We realized if we give these nurses the common knowledge the maternal outcomes improve. When a topic is searched many different resources scatter the information, so for a nurse to obtain the needed information can be time consuming. We realized we could create a precise program to accommodate many types of learning so that anyone walking into a maternal code would know what to do. A similar system has been in place for decades for the newborn baby.
There are several critical situations that may occur when a mother gives birth. These critical situation can be resolved, many times, by rapid recognition and health care delivery. However, several situations occur rarely but are life threatening. We have created online learning modules where obstetrical nurses validate knowledge through testing of both rare and more common crisis. Once this testing is completed with passing results the nurse takes the certificate to be tested by a trainer at the hospital where s/he will go through hands-on-mega codes to mimic the critical situations. This program will be a two year certificate so that the knowledge will have to be re-validated every two years as it is with the program for newborns.
Our program offers various learning mechanisms for the auditory, visual, or hands-on learner. The modules help with the visual learner. We plan to have on-line video's and then they meet with a trainer for hands-on learning. The system has up to date research with one central location for learning. It will help all segments of nursing experience from the novice nurse through the veteran nurse so everyone caring for the mother during a crisis will be on "the same page" allowing for optimal outcome.
Taking this program to every obstetrical until across our nation so no matter where a woman delivers the staff caring for her will be well trained. The program can continue to grow by adding topics and expanding into other arena's of healthcare.

Shelly Betancourt
Michelle Becher
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$1,000.00 / $1,000.00
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