My AHA Moment
As a business owner and a consumer, I was overwhelmed by the amount of telemarketing, billboards, commercials, advertisements, etc. From the business perspective, we received call after call after call, trying to get us to advertise—regardless of the media option. We tried a few of them with absolutely ZERO results and, no data backup to support their claims and statistics. Nor did we have a way of testing the effectiveness of the ads we were creating. Without this data we may have inadvertently been duplicating advertising errors that were destined to dis-engage potential clients! This is serious! We, as a small business had limited funds to spend and NO funds to waste. Yet, we were at the mercy of these advertising companies and the limitations of these media options. So…is it any surprise that we were unsuccessful? As a consumer I don’t like to have advertisements forced upon me for things I am not interested in. This simple fact is ignored by many experts in the advertising and marketing industry--leading to consumer dis-engagement! As a consumer I dis-engaged. Yet their answer is to call more times from different numbers and increase the number of impressions. We were totally lost. We thought, what if there was a way to do things differently and TRULY engage with potential customers? AHA…There is a way! Central Hub and Resource LinkTM (or CHRL or “Cheryl”) was born.

The BIG Idea
We learned this: customer DEMANDS are changing. They (we), need to feel part of something BIGGER—not just a focus on products and services. They (we) need to connect with the companies we purchase from. We want to feel like we are contributing to something that matters—because the company contributes to something that matters. When customers feel like they are part of something bigger, they feel connected and loyalty grows—this was our big idea. This is the winning formula for a lifetime relationship.
How CHRL Works
The software application of CHRL auto-scrolls through all client and/or retailer advertisements with a maximum capacity of 150 full screens until a customer enters the interactive window. Once a customer completes their interaction and exits the interactive window, the auto-scrolling program returns. While customers are in the interactive window, the software application allows for customer-driven, gesture-controlled interaction. All customer-interaction data is captured in real-time and obtained through MESA’s Access Portal. The ease of interaction and programming design is a useful, fun and interactive tool for each customer to connect with businesses of MESA’s clients. Customers can explore a company further by selecting the advertisement which leads them to a landing page that may contain business information, company story, products/services, events, videos, photos, QR code links to websites or social media, mission, vision, and community involvement. This is HUGE!
The creative use of MESA’s system provides businesses with access to exclusive, innovative technology that engages customers, generates new clientele, and increases revenue and loyalty. Gesture-controlled interaction increases engagement, enhances memory and generates curiosity, inviting others to connect and engage. By utilization of our system, which combines interaction and location statistics, businesses obtain a greater understanding of customers and their habits. With only the click of a button, consumer data can be analyzed—anywhere, anytime, by the business.

Why This Idea is Better Than the Rest
Success speaks for itself! During MESA’s pilot study, CHRL was placed near a high-traffic entrance in a mall. On average, 40% of people who walked into that high-traffic entrance ENGAGED with CHRL for an average of 6 minutes. This was actual time spent visiting landing pages from selected advertisements. On average, 19% of all people who entered through ANY primary entrance engaged with CHRL. Engagement for MESA is defined as PROVEN USE through real-time interaction data. Studies have shown that up to or, less than 1% of people who view traditional billboards visit the website of the company they have seen. LESS THAN 1%! Commercials, radio advertisements, newspapers and magazines rely on viewership or readership statistics to demonstrate engagement with the same results—consumer dis-engagement. These advertising results pale in comparison to the results of engagement on CHRL. It is clear that MESA’s customer-driven engagement methodology is superior.
Businesses that partner their advertising with MESA receive the following benefits:

Data: MESA’s system collects interaction data from each customer who interacts with CHRL. Subscribers can access this data in real-time through the online Access Portal. Data is presented in an easy-to-read format—THIS IS AUTOMATICALLY ACHIEVED THROUGH CHRL. No data analyst required! Number of selections and interaction duration are examples of these powerful reports.

Changeability: Subscribers can control their information to ensure customers are up-to-date and engaged at any time. Ads and landing pages can be created with templates or by uploading proprietary, creative designs.

Repeat Interaction: (THIS IS IMPORTANT) Landing page templates incorporate QR codes that provide access to websites and social media outlets. Customers can connect repeatedly through the QR code application history from the comfort of their home.

The Sky’s the Limit
MESA Enterprises is growing and will use funds raised in the CMURC exchange to:
1. Revise marketing materials: videos and interactive brochure. Prior to the pilot placement of CHRL, videos and other marketing materials didn’t contain form and function of CHRL’s programming capabilities. These updates must be captured to generate sales and customer confidence in MESA and CHRL.
2. Redevelop sales strategy and training documentation. MESA desires to create equitable partnerships with a destination mall in Michigan, as well as other advertising agencies to increase sales opportunities. These partnerships would provide commission to the partners on sales generated from their referrals. Sales team training documentation would be revised to reflect the new sales strategy.
3. Polish and refine current programming. MESA will continue to revise Access Portal programming to implement user-friendly updates to help increase client retention.
4. Enter the Pitch A Dream Contest. MESA will utilize funds to meet contest requirements.

MESA team would like to thank you for your generous donation.

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Tracy Anderson
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