AHA Moment:
Getting positive feedback from the beer that was brewed using recipes I created during the fermentation science program.
I enrolled in the class never having completed any home brewing, and prior to the start of the program, I had completed just two home brews. After taking the class and really understanding the science behind the recipe creation and the brewing process, I was hooked. Receiving positive feedback and winning two medals in the US College Beer Championship helped me realize that I could indeed create a product that others would truly enjoy.

The Big Idea:
Open a microbrewery and winery in Houghton Lake with a taproom, restaurant, and outside beer garden.
The craft beer industry continues to grow and with Michigan having the 5th highest number of breweries, I believe the microbrewery is still a solid venture. With the addition of wine and hard ciders, and a full service restaurant, the brewery will be a huge seasonal success, for both the summer and winter. Being just off 127 freeway and a short drive from I-75, the brewery will become a desired destination for those looking for great beer, great food, and a great place to meet up with friends. The beer garden will be modeled after a German Biergarten, which is an outdoor area where beer and food are served, typically at shared tables and with musical entertainment. Additionally, being a microbrewery allows us the benefit of being able to distribute our product and expand our market share by putting our great beer in our customer’s neighborhood.

Why My Idea is Better Than the Rest:
Currently there is not a craft brewery in the Houghton Lake area.
The closest breweries to the area are located in Grayling, 27 miles to the north, and in Clare, 35 miles to the south. The microbrewery market area is currently empty in the Houghton Lake area and we plan to capitalize on that by introducing a family friendly, full service restaurant and beer garden. It is our plan to develop a space that provides a fun comfortable environment, with knowledgeable staff who will be able to help customers understand the many beer styles. For the customer that happens to be new to craft brewing, staff will be able to assist in a selection that will create a positive experience. The mission to provide a great place for customers to relax and enjoy a great craft beer, wine, or a favorite cider.

The Sky’s the Limit:
Currently the company does not have a name, initial funding will be used to secure a name, finish developing the business plan, secure a property and develop our branding design.
$100 Donations though CMURC Exchange Program will provide the donor a founding membership in the brewery mug club, invitations to new releases and advance notification of special promotions.

Robert Francisco
Goal Amount: 
$1,000.00 / $3,000.00
Amount in USD