Working with Individuals, Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) and Employers to increase soft skills in the workforce over the last 4 years has given me insight into the negative affects the soft skills gap is having on the employer’s bottom line and the employee’s career growth. Recently, while interviewing for a new position, it was discovered that the reason for many of the job openings were because of a lack of soft skills in employees. I had been considering going into business for myself for quite some time and it was at this point I knew that there was definitely a “problem” that needed to be solved and that I had the “solution” to solve that problem.

Today’s workforce has a soft skills gap. This is causing a financial dilemma for both the employers and the employees alike. In a 2016 survey done by Society Human Resource Management, it was estimated that for every turn over in an employee it cost a company $4129.00 and 42 days to fill the open vacancy (Hill, 2016) . The cost to employees is difficult to compute as they would involve financial instability, housing instability and relationship barriers to name just a few. Soft skills such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, time management and work ethics are crucial to a business’s success and this is lacking in many employees. In fact, according to a Wall Street Journal survey of almost 900 executives, 92% rank soft skills as equally or more important than technical ability. While technical skills are vital, employers need employees who can work together and collaborate. Unfortunately, 89% report having a noticeably difficult time attracting such candidates (Kennedy, 2019). According to LinkedIn, 58% of hiring managers believe that a lack of incoming soft skills is “limiting their company’s productivity (Kennedy, 2019)

The recipe for “growth” to increase soft skills has many ingredients and the order to which you add these ingredients is crucial. The first would be to find individuals that see the need for growth and are ready. We all know that you don’t change people, people change themselves. The next important ingredient would be to build the relationship. It is very important to assess where the individual is and to start from that point. Finally, you would layer the skill building in several different learning styles and mix with practice. Over the past 4 years, I have assisted in facilitating a significant number of successful outcomes in individuals working to increase their soft skills. I have a proven recipe for success in assisting individuals grow and increase soft skills. 85% of job success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills ((NSSA), 2016).


My funding goal is $3000. This would be used in the following manner:
$350 CMU-RC Passport
$375 Brochure development & Printing
$275 Membership to the Isabella Chamber of Commerce & Chamber Events
$330 Legal Counsel (2hour) to accurately set up my L3C business entity to ensure future
funding for individuals that have a financial barrier to soft skill building
$170 Office Supplies such as invoices and client folders
$1500 Specialized coaching and training materials to include: Done for you customizable online
class modules for in person and online training. Soft skills training tools and activities for
for use with one-on-one and group skill building sessions.

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Wendy M. Johnson
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