When you become a customer of NorthPoleLetters.com, you are not buying a product. You are buying into an experience and a tradition that we take very seriously to bring joy to your child’s life! We focus on two underserved areas in this market: Quality and Content. Our competitors’ products were falling short in both areas. When it comes to making children happen and keeping the magic alive, every detail matters. Everything from spelling and grammar, to the type of paper, the perfect fold of the letter, and even the scent of candy canes is done with the highest care and priority. Our content is positive, personalized, exciting for the child, and provides VALUE for the parent in the form of an instruction from Santa himself to work on something specific that you provide us with. In short, no stone left unturned! We even provide a letter for Christian families that want Jesus to be the focus of Christmas in their household.
From concept to creation… local entrepreneurs have combined their passion with long hours, hard work, and even a little bit of magic to bring their product to market.

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Carter Mazur
Gary Hausbeck
Dan Ramirez