I've been sewing for over 40 years. Sometime about ten years ago, there were flyers floating around for birthday parties. As always when I'm going somewhere, I try to look nice and different from everyone else. If I can't find something to wear, I'll just make something. When I get like that, my mind and vision seems to be all over the place, but it finally landed on "Why don't I make myself a scorpio jacket - after all it was a scorpio party." I looked into the colors and each zodiac sign has their own colors, so I found out scorpio's is black and red. I visualized it and executed it just the way I envisioned.
I made a black faux leather jacket, trimmed in red with a rhinestone scorpio on the back and the word scorpio in rhinestones on the front. When I wore it, everyone wanted one so I thought I will make zodiac jackets - all different but zeroing in mostly on their specific color. That was my aha moment.

The problem I began to identify was that there were no zodiac jackets like my idea to be found. There weren't any on websites or stores. Outside of t-shirts, hats, and some jewelry, there's not a lot of zodiac anything. With the way everyone wants to represent their sign, I realized this was an idea with limitless possibilities. I can accommodate males, females, children, teenagers, and even elderly with some type of zodiac item.
"Why stop at jackets?" I said to myself. I can expand to things like umbrellas, phone cases, backpacks, jogging suits, blankets - the more I think the more things I come up with.

I think my idea is better because the with the way everyone wants to represent their sign, why not do it in a fashionable way - a way that's not been thought of before. I feel I have no competition and my reviews thus far have all been positive. "Make me one" is all I've heard. I also feel like it's the type of item that if you personally don't want one, you know someone that would. Maybe for a birthday, Christmas gift or just because. My jackets would be customized for that customers sign. I think people are more into what you're wearing more now than ever before.

Funds would be spent on making sure my idea can be, or will be patented. I've always been afraid someone will steal my idea. I do need a lawyer to understand what I am trying to do and how I can protect my brand. Funds would also be spent on trying to get these items sold online, and helping me figure out the cost for my idea. When Googling zodiac, I would want my brand Sew-Diac to pop up with the items I have for sale. Maybe I could have a form that says something like "what would you like your zodiac sign to be on?" and get more ideas then I already have.
Trying to get this idea growing, I know I have to start low and work my way up. If I can get a few of my jackets online, I am confident it will grow from there.

Giselle Bender
Goal Amount: 
$0.00 / $5,000.00
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