MY AHA Moment:
My AHA Moment came about Two years ago while researching trauma/brain, I came across an article on ACE TESTING (Adverse Childhood Experience). I took the ACE test/checklist, I found that my childhood consisted of all 10 ACEs on the checklist. I was already on a path to find ways to retrain my brain, after finally agreeing to seek help in dealing with childhood sexual abuse 2 years prior. Life experiences have shown me that ACEs perpetuate in cycles, we move forward knowing, those with life experiences will have the greatest positive impact and Supercharge solutions.

The Problem: Little to no awareness of how ACEs affect adulthood, society and the economy.
Problem: Lack of hands on “Thrive” support for ACE Families and individuals.
Skippthelines is the Production of Products and Services which solve this problem through our Conquerors LMS platform and Grow Through It Workbook as foundation for ACEs Family Mansions, ACEs Partner Network.

Better than the Rest?
Better: Unique ways of using research data and information to solve social and economic issues related to ACEs. Ex. Employment, Entrepreneurship Teen Expulsion and Imprisonment
Faster: Our process deals directly, an ACEs idea of personal fulfillment, achievements and talents to provide recourse for mental, physical and emotional stagnation and destruction.
Stronger: Because the process teaches Unity after internal discovery and Self dependency. No hour a week sessions here.
How will you spend your Funds?
Funds will be used to secure the proper legal Attorney to keep Skipp on top of all legal requirements that could jeopardize or benefit our operations, as well as maintaining office space at CMURC.

Negotiate Strategic partnerships with Schools/Universities, Law Enforcement, STATE AND PRIVATE Correctional Facilities/Juvenile Centers, CPS Agencies, Active Military and Veteran Services/Employers, Non-Profit Sexual Assault Centers, Hospitals, (Bank/credit union EXCLUSIVELY) Headed? Well just wacth and see.

Eric T Layton SR.
Goal Amount: 
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