How many hours have you tracked an animal through the woods ending in failure to recover the animal? For most Hunters it’s more than they’d like to admit! A humane kill shot can be hindered by many things including a bad shot resulting from the weight of the firearm and/or crossbow which leads to muscle fatigue. With the average firearm weighing in around 7 to 9 lbs. and the average crossbow weighing anywhere from 7 to 15+ lbs., many unsteady shots are being attempted, leading to wounded animals that are not recovered. Additionally, the movement of bringing your weapon to the shooting position while the animal is within a shooting distance can alert the animal, resulting in no shot at all. If you are tired of bulky weapons taking up room in your tree stand, nowhere to rest them and that unsteady free-hand shot, the Slide Shot is the solution for you.

The Slide Shot will help increase your accuracy. If you have a tree stand with a front rail system, the Slide Shot can be easily fastened to it in the field. The Slide Shot keeps the weapon always in the ready position, out in front of you, with a smooth, silent and fluent movement that gives you a 220 degree shooting radius with a front rest in all positions, to put any hunter on target. It is a must for any Crossbow, Rifle and Shotgun Hunter that hunts from a tree stand. The Slide Shot will help in turning that “would be” wounded animal into a trophy mount.

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Dave Bastian