My "AHA" Moment
My AHA Moment was when my daughter invited me to an orientation class for the IDC with Jessica Reedy, that's when I decided to sign up for the class she had going on to learn how to start your business. Don't get me wrong I was very nervous about it but as time goes things started clicking and I started moving forward. When Saginaw Soup came along, it confirmed that this was something I needed to move forward towards my dream business. I had this plan before in the in 2006 but the timing was not right. But in time it represented itself again, an here I am full force to start my day Care and Leaning Center.

The Big Idea
The problem I identify is some parents with raising children can be overwhelming with finding work, going to school, and making sure their children are safe, getting a good education and having fun at the same time. What my Learning Center is going to fix is helping the parents and their children. While the parents are at work, they will know that their children are at a safe place right along with being educated at the same time while having fun. We will be helping the children to keep up with the peers of their age group in school.

Why My Idea is Better than the Rest
What my Day Care and Learning Center provides is not just child care service for your children, but we provide security for the safety of the children right along with educating them. We will offer tutoring in their age group if they're having problems in school, helping with homework assignments, and activity computer room. We want the parents to be involved in some of the activities, so will offer family-oriented activities and gatherings. My Day Care is for now and the next generation of the Saginaw Community.

The Sky's the Limit
How I would spend my funds? I would utilize some of the funds towards CMURC service provides and Co Work space. Any funds raised over my $1,000 goal will be going towards supplies needed for the center including but not limited cost of space, licensing, furniture and learning supplies. When Small Miracles Day Care and Learning Center becomes a successful establishment, I will be giving back to the community and helping other where needed.

Prezetta Autman
Goal Amount: 
$410.00 / $2,000.00
Amount in USD