I was watching, “Hey Arnold”, and in the cartoon there is an ice cream truck business called Jolly Ollie and seeing Arnold and his friends get excited reminded me of my own childhood. Growing up, my Dad, little brother, and I would go for a bike ride and afterwards we’d get ice cream every weekend so this is where my love for ice cream connected with the memory of my family made it that more enjoyable! I know you are probably thinking, “How can you make ice cream more enjoyable?”!

This business would provide the children of Saginaw, MI the very same experience, an experience that I believe every child should have but better! As children, we all remember the ice cream truck song, begging our parents for money, and raising to catch the truck before it leaves but here our children do not have those same experiences, or very many outlets of fun. This business will help to fix that and recreate those timeless experience for our children of Saginaw for generations to come with a fun, edgy, and modern twist.

“How can you make ice cream more enjoyable?”, you asked! Put it on a BUS! Sparkle Sprinkles would be housed in an all pink, sparkled bus, with cool mood lighting and music inside, with Sparkle Sprinkles in rose gold glitter lettering on both sides! I would remove all seating in the bus, place all dry toppings, condiments, ice cream cooler, and register on one side of the bus. Customers would come in from the front driver side entrance, walk through and pick out their orders from the right side, pay, and exit through the back! This would tie two experiences into one!

My next steps would be to use the funds to purchase a school bus and higher an engineer to bring the vision of Sparkle Sprinkles to life! I used to work for First Student in Saginaw and have connections to great engineers and possible avenues for purchasing fully functioning and efficient buses used or new for Sparkle Sprinkles! My hope is to eventually create my own branding of ice cream and franchise! I say often, “Sky is not the limit! We’re shooting for the stars!”.

Sparkalena Boose