Do you need a picture of Brilliant, Ohio or Boring, Oregon? What about Ordinary, Kentucky or Why, Arizona? There are millions of online sources for imagery and photography. One could comb for days through small, hard-to-find, Google-buried websites trying to locate one that addresses these specific areas on the map. On the other hand, stock photography outlets boasting quantities of a bazillion images might return 400+ pages of unsorted results from a keyword search that may not exactly match in either context or artistic style. Searching has become cumbersome and the pools have become polluted. Individuals, visitor bureaus, travel agencies, tourism boosters, regional marketing campaigns, and governmental entities do not often have a reliable and consistent resource and/or a partner for their digital and print media needs.

State Pics is continually developing and providing an easy-to-navigate and geographically organized website for promoting the beauty, culture, pride, and localized flavor of various regions in the United States. Featuring the work and unique abilities of local photographer and veteran web developer Pete Jennings (and partners), State Pics aims to create and offer image products useful in marketing efforts, media presentations, and display materials to capture the essence of an area where a territorial sense is needed.

Powered by custom programming for user-experience, the website is packed with features highlighted by the ease of searching and browsing its libraries in categories beginning with the state and allowing the user to drill downward. Artistically, the products themselves carry a distinctive blend of subject and texture that offers a natural feel and emotion that will make anyone proud to display or include with their projects. State Pics has an enormous capacity to grow with the amount of ground to cover, limited only by the boundaries of the United States.

With the funds raised, State Pics will be able to cover travel expenses, product materials, and web server costs involved in establishing its first relationships. Being enrolled in the Right Choice Program at CMURC, Pete has expanded his potential beyond the creative disciplines and valued the additional market expertise, salesmanship, and connections necessary to cover the many facets of growing and maintaining an online business in an arena that is highly critical, competitive, methodical, and technology-dependent.

Peter J. Jennings