"AHA" Moment:
One of the only things we can’t buy in this world is time. Our lives have become full of things that strip time and confuse the priority of life. Dinner time with family or having the choice to do the things we enjoy is a luxury we sometimes can't afford. Tavolo offers that luxury. If you despise trips to the grocery store, spending time fighting traffic, pushing carts through massive parking lots, getting out of your car to push a cart in bad weather, dragging the kids through aisles or waiting in the checkout isle then grocery shop with us.

Tavolo is an online order and curb-side pick-up grocery service that gives removes the shopping hassle. You order online, saving your staple items for easy reordering. Then we pick, pack and prepare your order. You're notified by text or email that your order is ready to pick it up. You’ll be able to review your produce before we place it into your car. You never have to leave your vehicle.

You’ll pay less because we operate much more efficiently by processing your order without a inside sales floor. You’ll receive fresher produce with Tavolo because we can match the climate of the produce, handle it less and you let you review before we place it in your car. You’ll experience convenience of shopping the Tavolo way which gives you the luxury of time.

We want to disrupt how people source their food and provide the time for them to eat it together. We want it to be faster fresher and healthier. Partnerships with local farmers, bakeries and butchers are all things we can help bring the produce closer to the consumer without wasting trips, stops and time. Tavolo will simply be the best the grocery experience.

Contribute and be part of the startup story!
We want the consumer to be part of building the business with their insight and a service that is all about saving you time!


Hungry Heros: $40-$100
• Will receive weekly update video on the startup progress. Watch Tavolo go from idea to reality.

Grocery Fanatics: $101-$1000
• Will be praised and acclaimed as Tavol-ite on our website!
• Invited to participate in the focus group during company formation

Potential Investor support: $1001+
• Will be praised and acclaimed as Tavol-ite on our website!
• Invited to participate in the focus group during company formation.
• Exclusive dinner with Founding members and partners.
• Will approached first as part of the company funding round begins.

Robert Putt