Ever have one of those days where it seems like you never get anything done? Well, during the winter months in the Midwest and throughout the northern US, many struggle with these bitterly cold days. Often times these struggles occur because your career demands you to the great outdoors. Whether you’re a builder, window washer, painter, high rise construction worker, pipeline/utility worker, etc. you have more often than not, days where the winter weather really dampens your timely mannered work schedule due to frigid temps. The cold temps will make batteries, caulk, washing solvent, compressors, certain hand tools, pipe compounds and other construction materials freeze when they are not kept in a warm place while being used in the winter weather. I know this for a fact, since I have been in the outdoor construction world from a very young age. I have experienced these delays which have been costly not only in time, but also in money. So as a result of my past experiences I decided to look for ways to increase my work productivity and reduce my costs for these times of year.

This led me to creating the Thermal Handy Champ. A device that keeps tools, supplies, batteries, paint and many other construction related products warm while being used for the particular task at hand.

Since I could not find the exact product I was looking for, I decided to take bits and pieces of other products on the market and combine them into a very simple and easy to use product. This gave great reward at the end of the day. The reward was simply a cost effective way to stay on top of your work schedule when cold temps were in effect.

The Thermal Handy Champ allows you to keep your schedule on track, keep safety in check and a budget on target when the cold temps are at their best. From its easy tear down to its easy assembly after transporting it from one project to the next, the Thermal Handy Champ wins every time with its light weight design and ease of use. You simply plug it in to a standard 15 amp 110 volt outlet and then let the outer shell help to retain its heat inside while protecting the items from the outdoor elements safely and cost effectively. Here are a couple of examples from my past that ultimately helped create the Thermal Handy Champ. The use of a propane warming heater with a tarp draped over my air compressor, which supplied air to my pneumatic tools, to keep the compressor from freezing. Well this is something you have to continue to fill with propane each day and also needed to keep close watch of so that a possible fire didn’t happen. With the propane heater setup, it was a very expensive idea that worked, but on the other hand was dangerous to operate. A second example was a simple insulated cooler with a heat lamp strapped to the inside for the heat source. This worked to a certain point until I melted a battery at one time and then a tube of silicon exploded all over the inside of the cooler, destroying all the hand tools which laid inside. This result was from the heat lamp not being able to regulate itself. Again this posed as a safety issue that could potentially start a fire. Not to mention the transportation of a large cooler was quit trying when you are always limited on space in the moving of construction based items from one job to another. As you can see the alternatives were not very cost effective or safe ways of staying on top of a budgeted work schedule. I realized at this point that I was not the only one with these issues at hand as I would randomly interview others in my field. The Thermal Handy Champ was born! The name says it all… THERMAL; having to do with heat. HANDY; easily used & convenient. CHAMP; a winner and defender. All the reasons on why the Thermal Handy Champ was developed and has been successful.

The funds from the CMURC Exchange will help to purchase equipment for the production of the Thermal
Handy Champ units. It will also help to develop marketing tools for the full launch and promotion of the Thermal Handy Champ into the markets I have laid out. These funds will be a tremendous help in moving my business forward. Without the CMURC, this would still just be a backyard garage thought…

Scott Moore