My AHA moment
Craft beer in Michigan is about great beer AND great friendships. I first experienced craft beer with a home brewer who developed his love for brewing from a brew kit he received as a gift from another home brewer. I roamed Michigan, the Midwest, and California; I visited every brewpub and microbrewery along the way, and found that Brewpubs and Taprooms are an improvisational stage for human expression and are engaging places to share this very human experience.

The Big Idea
Michigan is fifth in the nation for number of breweries (379) and the Michigan Brewers Guild lists 277 member brewers. Michigan’s brewing industry generates more than $144 million in wages toward a total economic contribution of more than $600 million. Consumer purchases of Michigan's brewery products generate more than $290 million in extra tax revenue. But, Craft beer in Michigan is more than just good business; it’s great beer, great times and great friendships. Local brewing showcases the creativity of individual brewers, and gives Beerologists, Hopheads, Mugclubbers, and even Boozers a great space to be human AND a great place to enjoy the company of one another over a beer that each can call a favorite no matter what the other says!

Why This Idea Is Better Than The Rest
TurtleFrog Brewing is a great experience where people as different as Turtles and Frogs can share the same space and how, by sharing a beer and sharing time, for even just a moment, they build friendships that can change the world.
TurtleFrog Brewing is a great place on Main Street in downtown Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. We’re brewing beer in a historic district, in a building with 100 years of history; a place where people gather over great beer, and even if they enter as strangers, they can form friendships and discover how much they share at heart.
TurtleFrog Brewing is a great neighbor. We work collaboratively with other downtown merchants because that is how things get done in small town Michigan. From our country friends, we source fresh and local ingredients for our great beers and for the great food on our menu.
TurtleFrog Brewing is a great citizen. We partner with area non-profits to support our community’s charities. TurtleFrog Brewing is committed to establishing a sustainable charitable relief fund for our community’s First Responders: our Police, Firefighters and EMTs.
TurtleFrog Brewing is a great strategic partner in the economic growth of Central Michigan. We work together with Central Michigan University’s Fermentation Science Program, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and the Great Lakes Bay Regional STEM Initiative to promote education, job training and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The Sky's The Limit
TurtleFrog Brewing Company is growing and will use funds raised in the CMURC exchange to:
1. Join the Michigan Brewers Guild as a "Brewery in Planning; Allied Trade Member” to network with other breweries and reach valuable resources;
2. Produce informational materials to cultivate relationships among our downtown business neighbors and our strategic partners.
3. Produce white paper resources to support our capital campaign by incorporating local, regional and industry market studies and surveys, including brewery forecasting models, content marketing, and prospectus documents, to reach all available venture capital funds.
4. Produce marketing materials to support TurtleFrog branding with exclusive and unique graphic design, product labeling, merchandising content, and video narratives.
5. Produce source materials for licensing and permitting, including site renderings, brewhouse equipment spec sheets, operational policies and procedures, and phased development planning.

Other Incentives for CMURC exchange donors:
Great beer, Great Friends, & Great Times
Founder's Room-Mug Club Membership with every donation
Undying gratitude and inclusion in the first chapter of our great story

Damian Fisher
Goal Amount: 
$1,135.00 / $1,000.00
Amount in USD