A client relationship manager or “CRM” is what a real estate agent uses to keep track of and communicate effectively with all of their clients. In my opinion there not a CRM available to date that fully encompasses all of the day to day needs of any real estate professional. The current industry leading CRM providers have been built by tech guys that have very little if any real estate experience at all. The challenges I experienced first hand as an agent, accompanied by my imaginative personality have enabled me to give this topic a lot of thought. After almost three years of searching for the perfect CRM tool I realized that it does not yet exist. Upon discovering this, I spent much of my time advising CEO’s and their development teams on what I would like to see next on their newly added features list, and to my surprise they listened. Through my consulting I began to have an early version of the CRM product that I had always envisioned, but I was not seeing any type of reward for the pioneering ideas that was I was giving away. My “aha moment” came upon realizing that I could create a CRM of own because the industry leading CRM providers were building out my ideas as their new features. This experience made me aware of my true passion for technology, and the forward thinking vision that I possess. Thus began the journey in pursuit of my dream to become an industry leading software provider for real estate agents around the country.

Industry leading software providers have not yet created a CRM for agents or brokers that can assist with the all the day of needs of tracking and communicating with their clients seamlessly. Virtual Floor Desk “VFD” will streamline the way an agent takes a client from first contact to the closing table, and beyond. Which includes nurturing that past client relationship, to stay in front of mind for that client when they go to make another real estate transaction down the road. We have the secret sauce that comes from my personal experience in the trenches of the current real estate industry landscape.

Virtual Floor Desk provides lead conversion tools, scheduling solutions, and automated communications that leverage the time an agent has during the day. VFD’s agent app increases chances that the agent/broker will convert any new lead into a sale, this is done by allowing the user to easily track a leads progression from inception to close while taking into account the current time spent with that lead (similar to an opportunity cost meter). Our app helps agents stay in touch with their clients long after closing, so the relationship never goes to waste. VFD will be sold as a monthly subscription service at a price that will undercut all competition (this will make switching from current CRM easier). VFD focuses strongly on our “First To” feature for lead follow up and tasking (this feature is most useful for agent teams and offices). Virtual Floor Desk is a technology solution that will give our broker and agents clients a new look into their real estate business like they’ve never thought of it before.

All donations successfully raised will go toward completing phase 1 of software development and securing an https payment processing website. Your donation will also allow VFD to continue progressing in CMURC’s Right Choice program, which enables us to begin the process of applying for grant funding from the state from the state only available to new tech companies. The contribution would have Virtual Floor Desk cash flowing within 30 days. Our app is live in the iTunes store so go and download now if you want to check us out!!

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