My "AHA" Moment
I have always had a passion for creative work, not just in making videos but photography, graphic design, drawing, ect.
Something about recreating my imagination and turning it into reality has always brought me such joy.
My family has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and to stay true to myself and my passion.
Saving someone's special events and moments in others lives as well as helping businesses grow and telling their story is what I am also passionate about and is what I want to do everyday.

The Big Idea
Most companies don’t know how to make videos and other products work for them and generate more customer traffic.
I want to help Businesses create the perfect video that shows not just the product the story behind it, their story. I want to show them how to use that story to generate more customer traffic.
I want to help others pursue their dreams, and encourage them to follow their passion.
I want to use my gift as a creator to help others. You shouldn’t miss the special moment at your event trying to make sure that it is being captured on video, or that someone got it a photo of it.
You should be enjoying the moment. Trust us to capture that moment.
Here with visions by zetta I want to help others save a moments in time to share forever with family and friends, and help business, entrepreneurs and content creators.

Why My Idea is Better than the Rest
Our Soul mission at vision by zetta is making our customers vision a reality.
We have custom packages to fit almost any budget, well maintaining the best qualify services and products.
Together with your idea, your project, your business, with our originality, imagination, and creativity.
We don’t want to just make a reality we want to make it affordable.

The Sky's The Limit
I will invest funds in the areas necessary to create revenue to grow my business. Purchasing gear will be extremely important.
I am currently working and building my brand and campaign, while getting the proper license to operate.
Some of the funds will be utilize some of the funds towards CMURC service provider.

Prezetta McCall
Goal Amount: 
$375.00 / $1,000.00
Amount in USD