March 22, 2019

Reader's Digest

T-shirt bra

It’s pretty much the opposite of classy to have bra lines showing through a thin t-shirt. That’s why the t-shirt bra exists. Its silhouette is specifically designed to look seamless and invisible under your clothes, whether you’re wearing a tight tank top or a silky blouse. But the best part? They’re specifically designed for comfort, since they’re meant for everyday wear. When it comes to fit, comfort, and appearance, the winner in our book is Harper Wilde, a line of high-quality, comfortable bras without embellishments that would otherwise show through your favorite tees. Their everyday bra, called The Base, has front-adjustable straps for easier access, super-soft cups with light lining, and J-hooks to convert the bra to a racerback style; it comes in sizes from 30A to 40DD, and is invisible under even the wispiest top. Here are the signs you need a new bra.

Strapless bra

Strapless bras can be a pain—no one wants to spend the night hiding behind plants to yank it up—but they’re often necessary when wearing strapless evening gowns or cocktail dresses. Here’s how to get the best fit, according to Linda the Bra Lady’s blog: “When buying a strapless bra, you should size down in the band and up in the cup. The reason for this is that the band is the only source of support, so it has to fit snug to keep the bra, and the girls, up.” Look for a strapless bra that is specifically constructed for small or large cup sizes. Aerie and Cosabella are great for small cups, while Freya specializes in larger bust sizes.

Sports bra

Sports bras are a must for workouts, which would otherwise be painful. The type of sports bra you wear depends on the rigor of the activity and the size of your chest. The more strenuous the workout and the bigger your chest, the more support you’ll need. For maximum support, seek out thicker straps and/or built-in cups. For a bounce-free exercise session, we love the Ultimate Sports Bra from SheFit. The high-impact bra zips up the front, so it’s easy to put on and take off; it’s fully adjustable so you can personalize your fit and level of support; and it comes in a range of sizes all the way up to 48I!