January 24, 2021


The Board of Directors of Central Michigan University Research Corporation (CMURC) has recognized Lyseon Additive Manufacturing as the 2020 CMURC SmartZone Small Business of the Year and honored its founder, Chris Williams, for its innovative 3D printing solutions.

Chris Williams, founder of Lyseon Additive Manufacturing. The photo is provided by CMURC.

According to a CMURC press release, Chris Williams has many years of experience in sales and manufacturing in various industries and has established a 3D design and printing business called Lyseon Additive Manufacturing. The company was founded on the needs of a layered modeling service organization that provides first-class services. Systems, processes, and industry relationships quickly proved that they provided exactly that-world-class laminated molding with local services.

Williams stands out as an entrepreneur dedicated to improving the economic situation in Michigan with innovative technology, said CMURC Erin Strang’s president and CEO. He took the calculated wise risk and was successful.

Bob Davies, president of CMU and chair of the CMURC Board of Directors, said science, technology, engineering and mathematics are areas where innovation and talent continue to thrive.

Entrepreneurs like Chris embody the passion and motivation needed to drive business growth and show what is possible for the future of our economy, Davis said.

With strategic planning, resilience, motivation and passion to bring high-income, high-tech jobs to the region, he is a true catalyst for creating an entrepreneurial and innovative culture in the Great Lakes region. Lyseon is helping CMURC take one step closer to building a community where people invest their lives in key drivers of economic development.

According to Williams, joining the CMURC community has provided new insights and connections with like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals. We are honored to be selected for this prestigious reward and to be part of a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Chris Williams joins an impressive group of past winners of the Entrepreneur of the Year and SmartZone Small Business of the Year Awards. He will be awarded with other business leaders at the 2020 Michigan Celebrates Small Business Gala on May 4th.