September 18, 2018

Business Insider

A study conducted by the Central Michigan University Motion Analysis Center has determined the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra™ significantly reduces breast bounce compared to other leading sports apparel companies.
The study measured the performance and support of the SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra for reducing undesirable and uncomfortable breast motion against sports bras from leading brands including Adidas®, Brooks® Moving Comfort, MOVE Performance Apparel, Nike®, and Under Armour®.

The subjects, ranging in sizes from A - I cup, engaged in five common exercises – jumping jacks, running, high knees, side twists, and walking. For all high-impact activities, SHEFIT's Ultimate Sports Bra resulted in the largest reductions in breast motion and bouncing compared to other sports bras.

"It was revealing to see just how effective SHEFIT was when put to the test," said Joseph Langenderfer, co-principal investigator at Central Michigan University Motion Analysis Center. "For some of the exercises performed, SHEFIT was remarkably better than the leading competitors on reducing breast movement. I was surprised to see that a supportive sports bra alone could enable women to have such a significantly better work out and output performance."

Overall, the study found that SHEFIT's Ultimate Sports Bra provides significant reductions in breast motion and bouncing compared to other bras tested, including:
38 percent less bounce when performing high knees
33 percent less bounce when running
26 percent less bounce when walking
24 percent less bounce when performing jumping jacks

The study is a remarkable finding for a self-funded company started in 2011 by wife, mother, former collegiate athlete and professional International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness competitor, Sara Moylan. Moylan's story is similar to how the first sports bra was created by two women in 1977 using just two jockstraps. After years of frustration from lack of support from traditional sports bras and the desire to set her own level of support, Moylan decided she was going to invent a supportive sports bra, and created the first SHEFIT prototype using a maternity bra and hot glue gun. Now selling bras to women of all shapes and sizes, SHEFIT has reinvented the sports bra industry with a design that fills a 40-year void, liberating women from bounce and discomfort.

"It is remarkable to see these types of results from a company that has created products with their own means," said Jeffry Aronsson, partner at SHEFIT. "SHEFIT has developed systems and earned success in ways you don't typically see out of companies at this stage of the game. To date, SHEFIT has grown 362 percent since 2016 and is fastly approaching the eight-figure mark."

"I created SHEFIT after years of frustration from the lack of supportive sports bras on the market," said Sara Moylan, founder of SHEFIT. "To know that the first bra I created with my own hands has transformed into a product that outperforms leading sports apparel companies is exhilarating. I think women are looking for innovative and customizable options, and we are proud to be allowing women of all shapes, sizes, and athletic levels to have their most effective workout simply by offering them the support they deserve."

Countless studies have shown the impact of a supportive sports bra and the need for a supportive sports bra is greater now than ever. A third of women experience breast pain during exercise, and women's breast sizes are only increasing. According to a recent study, the average bra size has jumped from a 34B 20 years ago to a 34DD in 2013.

The study was conducted by two Central Michigan University professors, Joseph Langenderfer and Ksenia Ustinova, each with more than 15 years' experience in biomechanics and motor control research. They each also have more than 25 peer-reviewed publications in these disciplines. Langenderfer is a professor of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Science and Engineering. Ustinova is a professor in the School of Rehabilitation and Medical Sciences, Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy.

Langenderfer and Ustinova used previous studies from a leader in breast health studies, University of Portsmouth, as a benchmark to create the study. They amplified those studies to create a more in-depth comparison between SHEFIT and other leading sports apparel companies.

For an in-depth look at the study, visit cmurc.com/cmurc/test-effectiveness-sports-bra. To learn more about SHEFIT, visit shefit.com.

SHEFIT is disrupting the 40-year old sports bra industry by elevating women's expectations of what a sports bra can do. Since inception, SHEFIT has sold more than 100,000 bras to women around the world and continues to innovate on its mission to provide unconditional and total support through its revolutionary athletic apparel and its incipient philanthropic activities including ongoing donations of its sports bras to women's shelters and other non-profit organizations.