April 27, 2017

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich., Apr. 27, 2017 – Tina McCormick could not have imagined where her career would take her as a child growing up in rural mid-Michigan. McCormick has gone from a modest upbringing to the helm of her own Michigan-based Global Tax Technology consulting company. Her vision and success have earned her the title of 2016 Central Michigan University Research Corporation “Entrepreneur of the Year”, which will be presented at the Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awards Ceremony next week.

McCormick began her career in Mount Pleasant at a local CPA firm before moving to Chicago in 1989 to work in industry. She launched Enterprise Tax Solutions, Inc. in 1999 and brought it home to Mount Pleasant in 2008. Her three decades of corporate tax and consulting experience has helped more than 40 multi-national companies with solutions to better manage data and comply with complex tax regulations. Enterprise Tax Solutions, Inc. — now headquartered a few miles north of McCormick’s hometown of Elwell — has seen triple digit growth under her leadership.

“McCormick stands out for her leadership in accounting and tax technology on a global scale, and as an entrepreneur dedicated to improving Michigan’s economic landscape,” said George E. Ross, president of CMU and chair of the CMURC Board of Directors. “She’s taken calculated, smart risks and achieved success.”

McCormick led an industry committee responsible for defining requirements for one of the first modern tax data retention tools in 1996. This two-year collaboration with data industry leaders and partners provided valuable lessons and connections that have helped McCormick continue to grow her business today. Over the years, her clients have spanned multiple industries — from footwear, transportation and high tech to soft drinks, pharmaceutical and consumer products.

“Through McCormick’s entrepreneurial insight, she successfully executed contracts that allowed the company to grow 400 percent over the last two years,” said Erin Strang, president and CEO of CMURC. “Her continued ability to diversify eTaxSolutions’ offerings have created opportunities that will have substantial impact on a global scale.”

This spring, Enterprise Tax Solutions, Inc. expanded its services with the launch of a custom solution called eTaxAudit International. Its first client to use eTaxAudit International was a Fortune 50 company. The new tool is designed to help global businesses more efficiently meet international tax audit requirements, including the increasingly required Standard Audit Files for Tax. This trend has the potential to generate exponential growth in the use of eTaxAudit International for companies doing business in countries adopting the SAF-T standard, such as Austria, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland and Portugal.

While her company has grown to be a global leader in the tax and accounting industries, McCormick remains focused on improving the economic landscape of Michigan by creating jobs. Her company will expand their team in the coming months, giving high-quality SAP professionals a world-class opportunity in Mount Pleasant.

“Working with CMURC has supported my team’s expansion and space needs, as well as collaboration efforts with CMU and other statewide resources for recruiting and retaining high quality, high-paying advanced technology positions within the Great Lakes Bay Region,” said McCormick. “CMURC has made it easier to develop and conduct business.”

The CMURC Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented on behalf of the CMURC Board of Directors, is given to a business leader who embodies core values consistent with the organization and its stakeholders. CMURC’s values include integrity, respect, compassion, inclusiveness, social responsibility, excellence, innovation, commitment to the community, strategic direction and company leadership.

The Michigan Celebrates Small Business Awards Ceremony will take place May 4 at the Lansing Center.