November 2, 2017

Need an extra hand grabbing the kids’ sports equipment or your workout bag and getting out the door? Michigan entrepreneur Lewis Smalligan has the perfect solution.

Smalligan began his entrepreneurial journey with Golf Shoe Grabber, which went from a 3D-printed prototype to a packaged product. It was first introduced as an item for golfers at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and it was quickly named to Golf Digest’s “Cool Stuff” list.

Its popularity drove Smalligan to rebrand from Golf Shoe Grabber and expand its use to other types of shoes as My Shoe Grabber.

“I’m an avid golfer and got really frustrated with not having enough hands to pick up my golf bag, luggage and golf shoes,” said Smalligan, a property manager in Grand Rapids.

“But really anyone who needs to carry a different pair of shoes to change into could use My Shoe Grabber.”

My Shoe Grabber’s durable clasp allows sports enthusiasts to tote shoes with one handle attached to a bag or other item, making it easier to grab everything needed for the gym, soccer field, golf course, tennis court and more. The product has become a popular promotional product for golf outings or corporate gifts.

“It’s not high-tech, but it’s practical and a device that people have really found useful,” he said.

Now, it also has proven to be a way to organize shoes and baggage in a child’s room, basement, garage or mudroom, he said. Its tough construction allows it to withstand all weather conditions.

“As a fellow golfer and former college athlete, I could relate to the problem of keeping your shoes and bag together,” said CMURC President + CEO Erin Strang. “Over the past few years, Smalligan has solidified all areas of his business and perfected a product in demand not only in the golf industry, but across sports and daily life.”