February 19, 2018

​​9&10 News

Four Paws Rehabilitation in Mount Pleasant provides physical therapy for dogs and cats.

Amy Barr-Tickle opened it up just a few months ago.

She provides laser treatments, underwater exercises and more for older animals looking to move around a little easier, as well as animals that were just operated on.

“Some of the exercises I do with humans–I just kind of adapt it for a dog,” says Owner Amy Barr-Tickle.

On the weekends, Barr-Tickle works on her four-legged friends at Four Paws Rehabilitation in Mount Pleasant.

“Pretty much a physical therapy clinic for dogs or cats,” she said

Some animals she treats are experiencing the aches and pains of aging.

“Mimi is a 12-year-old Doberman Pincher,” says Mimi’s owner, Kory Coch.

“Buddy is gonna be 14 in a couple months so the biggest reason that I brought him with is just to make that a little bit better and his strength has gotten better also,” says Buddy’s owner, Mary Stanbra.

As well as animals recovering from surgery.

“That way they’re still active but in a controlled setting,” says Barr-Tickle.

She performs a few exercises with them.

The underwater treadmill helps the animals walk by relieving some of the weight off their legs.

Laser therapy works mainly to heal open wounds and relieve arthritis.

Land exercises to help reach the core of the problem in some dogs–strengthening the core itself.

If they’re having a rough day, there’s a solution for that too.

“Dogs will work for food,” she said.

After a few tricks, treats and therapy visits, the results speak for themselves.

“You’ve seen her flexibility and her difficulty climbing the stairs or getting up on the bed now with having regular days here at the clinic; it’s helping her flexibility and overall comfort,” said Coch.

“For the rest of that evening he moves like he did probably three or four years ago,” said Stanbra.

“They come in for a few treatments and they’re feeling good and the owners are so happy to see that they’re starting to get their puppy back,” said Barr-Tickle.

Four Paws Rehabilitation is having an open house Saturday for animals and humans. For more information click here.