October 18, 2017

Job hunting is a stressful process for most — a feeling Midland entrepreneur Amy Smith knew all too well after her own frustrating search. For employers, finding a person who fits into the fabric of corporate culture can be equally challenging. Smith recently launched iONu Jobs, a platform that incorporates multimedia to bridge these critical gaps between jobs seekers and employers.

The iONuJobs.com software uses a social networking-like platform that incorporates video and other advance features. The tool gives the job seekers and human resources professionals alike the opportunity to communicate more about themselves or corporate culture than most typical job application sites or processes allow.

Smith says it brings back a personal approach to finding and filling a job position, but with the convenience of advanced technologies.

“I was filling out applications online and I felt like I was lost in cyberspace. This solves that issue for job seekers, and it gives businesses the option to operate their entire job search from one site,” Smith said. “It leaves the guess work behind for everyone involved.”

Smith beta tested the software with an initial group of users to gain both the employer and applicant perspective and refine her job search tool. Today, more than 100 job seekers and businesses are using iONu Jobs to connect.

Prospective employees are given the option to create and post 90-second elevators pitches to accompany their resume information or link to samples of their work. Businesses can use iONu Jobs to share job descriptions, review applications and resumes, gain first impressions from applicant videos, send messages, use built-in web conferencing, plus post important company information all in one place.

“iONu Jobs took a different approach by incorporating social media and video into their portal to make the experience easier and save time. At the end of the day, it is unique to the other job sites out there,” said Erin Strang, CMURC President + CEO.

iONu Jobs is a free service for all job applicants. Employers pay $199 per month for unlimited use of the system. For a limited time, Smith will waive the monthly employer fee.