#LEADLIKEAWOMAN WITH TINA MCCORMICK- Michigan Chamber of Commerce by Ashley Keimach
July 23, 2019

Michigan Chamber of Commerce

What does leadership mean to you?
A leader envisions, emits, enables, encourages, and expects.
A leader envisions the direction they want their team to go based upon facts, experience, and research. Their interpretation of the information and their internal sense of the right approach, however, distinguishes them.
A leader emits the confidence and passion needed to get others to visualize their dream.
A leader enables those with the aptitude and desire to learn to be an integral part of making the vision come to life.
A leader encourages people to see themselves in a role beyond what they are capable of today.
A leader expects great things from their team. They are expected to take ownership of their successes and failures, to learn to anticipate and avoid potential challenges, to enjoy the creative process, to deliver quality solutions and always take pride in who they are.
A leader expects the same from themselves. They strive to be a better leader every day.

Who has influenced your idea of leadership?
From a young age, I often found myself asking “why”; a quality not found to be endearing by some. My older brother, Gary Moeggenberg, however, encouraged me to have an inquisitive mind. He taught me to notice the things that others would overlook. To figure out the logic and see beyond the obvious. If I didn’t understand something, he’d use analogies to relate it to something that was familiar. My brother’s positive attitude and ambition have always driven me to take on new challenges and help others regardless of personal gain.

His influence is, in part, the reason why I have a global tax technology business today. Once upon a time, I volunteered to get a conference room for a few colleagues. I did not anticipate what was to come.

The small meeting for a few, to discuss SAP from a tax perspective, evolved into a conference of 125 tax professionals. This was when the internet was still dial-up, nothing went “viral” and news traveled via “person to person” networking (a skill that is still crucial to professional success today).

As a tax accountant, volunteering to organize meetings and helping peers understand something new and complex led me to found and chair two user groups. First, the ASUG Tax Interest Group, that discussed SAP from a tax perspective. Second, an ASUG tax topic group, that collaborated with SAP to define the requirements that became the SAP Data Retention Tool (DaRT). Subsequently, several companies asked me to consult for them. I left my Director of Tax Systems position at BPAmoco to form my own company in 1999, with General Motors and Delphi Automotive as my first two customers.

Why do we need more women in leadership roles? What do they add to the table?
Businesses should be led by the most competent leaders, regardless of gender. Clearly, gender does not impede success, nor does it guarantee it. If someone sees limitations for me because I’m a woman, that would be their expectations, rather than mine. I don’t see limitations on myself except for the number of hours in my day.

Today a woman in leadership defies expectations. She is considered to be extraordinary due to rising to a leadership position. It is my hope that expectations change, and a woman in leadership becomes common. That she is considered extraordinary, not due to her leadership position, but rather for her leadership abilities. My hope is that girls everywhere, when asked about becoming a leader, respond, “Of course I can!”

More women leaders provide girls with more role models to emulate. Encouraging girls and women to pursue careers in STEM can lead them to success and in turn, leadership positions.

How are you leading in your career/community?
Enterprise Tax Solutions, Inc. is a Global Tax Technology consulting company, we provide high tech jobs in the heart of Michigan. Our employees enjoy the best of both worlds, challenging high tech jobs with a low cost of living in a charming university setting where travel times to home, shopping, and entertainment are minimal.

Our internship program allows university students, interested in Accounting, Tax, Computer Science and related degrees, the opportunity to get practical training to further their studies. In fact, we have several Central Michigan University interns and alumni on staff.

Enterprise Tax Solutions, Inc. is a 100% woman-owned firm consulting for the Fortune 200 and other large multinationals. After 20 years of SAP consulting for Tax and the Data Retention Tool (DaRT), we are expanding into the international tax software market. Our products to be released soon are:
eTaxAudit International – an exciting new solution for generating Standard Audit Files for Tax from ERP data. SAF-T files are needed for legal tax filings in many countries such as Lithuania, Norway, Poland, and Portugal. It produces customizable reports based on XML Schema Definitions with minimal, if any, programming efforts.
eTaxEcho – an XML to XSD syntax comparison solution for tax audit files. It is used to verify that an eXtensible Markup Language file technically complies with the tax authorities’ requirements before the taxpayer submits. It also enables Analysts to display XML files in a user-friendly format and export its contents to third party spreadsheet and database applications.

We are excited to live, work, and grow our company in central Michigan. Enterprise Tax Solutions, Inc. is located in the Mt. Pleasant SmartZone in the Great Lakes Bay Region. We were honored to be awarded the “CMURC 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Central Michigan University Research Corporation’s board of directors.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I am very thankful to all our customers and my staff for making good things happen in central Michigan. My team and I appreciate the CMURC for their support and encouragement, as well as the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for helping make Michigan a welcoming place for business and allowing me to share my thoughts.

By the way, remember that supportive brother of mine? He is also growing a global business in Mt Pleasant, Michigan. His company, Industrial Cryogenic Engineering™ (I.C.E.) increases the strength and longevity of metal and plastic. This enables his customers’ businesses to expand and grow their operations by keeping their machines up and running 3x longer and making their operations more productive by minimizing the related downtime.

What is the best way for someone to contact you?
Phone: 989-774-7513
Email: TinaMcCormick@eTaxSolutions.com
Website: https://www.etaxsolutions.com

Michigan ATHENA is a program dedicated to developing, supporting, and honoring women leaders throughout Michigan. This program is part of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce Foundation initiatives. To find out more about this program please visit us at www.michamber.com/ATHENA