September 28, 2017

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich., Sept. 28, 2017 – Mapping and data tracking systems are everywhere in today’s world. A new GIS technology is not only pulling data, it also is leading to improved mapping and streamlined services for those interacting with businesses and government agencies throughout Michigan.

Amalgam’s technology, FetchGIS, gathers data and transforms it into interactive maps that combine information on agricultural land, surface water, flood frequency, and more on and offline. The advanced location services allow governmental agencies, businesses, industries and nonprofit organizations to better serve their customers and communities with everything from permits to land use planning. Amalgam’s product reduces paperwork and replaces hand-drawn maps — the method historically used across the public and private sector.

Businesses and municipalities traditionally relied on reams of printed material and hand-drawn maps to make decisions about the suitability of different areas in a county for development.

“Whether it’s a map of property boundaries, utilities, recreational opportunities or even buildings, we’re bringing that data into a map viewer so that clients and the public are able to extract all kinds of information and ask questions about the data,” said Ken Curry, co-founder of Amalgam.

Clients include the cities of Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Isabella and Saginaw Counties, Bay and Midland County Health Departments, Midland Schools, and The Dow Chemical Company.

“The world is changing at an incredible speed,” Curry said. “Location analytics will change how people, business and industry interact with their surroundings. Amalgam will be here to make sense of it all.”

Curry, along with partners JJ Schlafley and David Nichol, founded Amalgam in 2005. The owners have more than 40 years of experience in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry and are at the forefront of GIS technology.

“It was clear from the beginning that there was a need for Amalgam’s advanced GIS technology in the marketplace,” said Erin Strang, president + CEO of Central Michigan University Research Corporation. “Their team’s industry experience, combined with recent projects for Fortune 500 companies and municipalities, have shown FetchGIS to be a proven, adaptable technology — whether you are a leader in government, small business or the corporate world.”

More information about Amalgam is available at www.amalgamonline.com.