February 7, 2016

Morning Sun

Opportunistic insight poised Jim Mentele for the 2015 Central Michigan University Research Corporation Entrepreneur of the Year award.

The honor is given by industry leaders and experts who serve on the CMURC Board of Directors.

“Mentele stood out to the Board given his unique background in corporate America, which transitioned in to leading multiple entrepreneurial endeavors,” said CMU President George E. Ross, who also chairs the CMURC Board. “It is individuals like Mentele who take the risks necessary for success in today’s business world.”

Mentele has been heavily involved in the development of multiple companies, leveraging technologies in the same industry with the same target market. Mentele’s foundation began with academic accolades and years of industry research and practical experience dating back to 1970.

“Through Mentele’s exceptional vision and leadership, he continues to evolve and develop new companies,” said President and CEO of CMURC Erin Strang.

“Due to the connectivity of the technologies, Mentele’s companies are experiencing growth and have had a positive economic impact on the Great Lakes Bay Region.”

Beginning in 2001, Mentele’s entrepreneurial journey started by utilizing his experience to mentor and consult in the area of business analytics and process optimization, which ultimately evolved in to the development of multiple technologies. He remains focused and dedicated to incorporate data and knowledge processes to improve the human condition, all while improving the economic landscape of Michigan by creating jobs both directly and indirectly.

Mentele partially attributes his entrepreneurial successes and growth to CMURC. “Working with CMURC has assisted in the companies’ formations and growth. As a single point of contact for professional partnerships with service providers and funding sources, it has been easier to develop and conduct business.”

“Mentele’s continued success is a direct result of an entrepreneur who’s persevered and dedicated his life to a culture of innovation with exceptional vision and leadership,” said Strang.

In 2015 the five companies Mentele is associated with have produced over $2.7 million in revenue.

“We’re dedicated to creating high paying, high growth jobs in Michigan,” Said Mentele.

Since the first inception in 2001, the companies have led in the creation of 26 jobs.