October 8, 2013

CBS Detroit

After extensive development, Industrial Cryogenic Engineering, LLC has mastered manipulating the molecules of metal so that it will last two to four times longer than anything currently on the market. Using one of the world’s largest cryogenic vessel, the innovative process will save both individuals and companies substantial savings.

“The price per part for some of the equipment I process is upwards of $8,000,” said Gary Moeggenberg, owner of I.C.E. “When a company is going through 10 parts a year that’s quite an investment. When I cryogenically process the part the company will only need three to five parts a year. That’s huge savings!”

I.C.E. also can assist individuals. “An individual can walk through my doors with three lawn mower blades at $20 per blade, and for $5 I will cryogenically process their blades so they will last two to three times longer,” said Moeggenberg.
Moeggenberg credits CMURC with helping him maneuver the entrepreneurial landscape. (VIDEO: I.C.E. and CMURC Journal 9/17/13) Moeggenberg was the first company accepted into the CMURC Right Choice Program and will be the first to graduate. The Right Choice Program is a competitive, scholarship-based, three-phased program that guides entrepreneurs from their idea phase to their first sale.

“Gary walked through the doors of CMURC in December 2012 ready to make, what we know now, would have been a devastating business decision,” said Erin O’Brien, president and CEO of CMURC. “Luckily Gary came to us just in time and has made tremendous progress in building a successful business foundation.”

“It is very obvious that I.C.E. would not be moving forward the way that it is without the CMURC team,” said Moeggenberg. “You are more than CMURC, you are people that have stood by me and shown me the best step forward.”
I.C.E. is supported by the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center and CMURC.

About Industrial Cryogenic Engineering, LLC
Industrial Cryogenic Engineering LLC offers the best in Thermal Cycling Processing to enhance tensile strength, abrasion resistance and wear ability. I.C.E treats products down to the core, and has competitive rates with no hidden fees. Our employees are friendly and will be there to help you every step of the way. Industrial Cryogenic Engineering LLC is centrally located in Mount Pleasant, Mich.

Contact: Elissa Richmond, 989-774-2720, elissa.richmond@cmich.edu