July 28, 2020

Michigan Business Network

Morgan Composting is a family business that was started in 1996, by Brad Morgan and his father Dale. The Morgan’s began composting as a solutionto a manure management problem on their 200-head dairy operation. Now the cows have been sold and just a composting operation remains. Morgan Composting strives to be a driving force in Agribusiness that promotes sustainable practices, and to be an innovated provider of economical & healthy soil products. Our mission, what MCI is about…is to strive for excellence in our service to customers, our community, and the environment.

Morality, ethics, and goodwill
Organic integrity and promotion
Respect, reliability, and recognition
Growing, growing, and growing!
Ability to be diverse in all growing sectors
New opportunities are constantly sought out
Sustainable and sound economical products

Morgan Composting, Inc., MI 50 Companies to Watch
Morgan Composting, Inc, Sears, MI
Brad Morgan, President and CEO, Justin Morgan, Vice President, Jeremie Morgan, Project Coordinator
Date Founded: 1996
Industry: Agriculture
Sites in Michigan: 3
Full-time equivalent employees: 32
Website: www.dairydoo.com
1. Describe the company in one sentence.
Morgan Composting designs, manufactures, and distributes powerful soil amendments and mixes for the homeowner and agriculture sectors of Michigan.

2. What is the next major accomplishment planned by the company?
We are expanding our production by adding on an additional building this year and are creating exciting new granulated products with our own in-house granulating system.

3. What makes the company truly unique?
From day one we’ve been innovating by taking what no one wants and making it into something we can all use. Whether it is manure or other waste products, we help the recycling process by making them into fertilizers, potting soils, and amendments that improve soil health and grow healthier plants!

4. What small business trend is impacting you the most?
Current trends in consumers toward healthier options, organic products, and educated purchasing really lines up with who we are. We are environmentally minded, always creating new products, and participate in research to better understand soil health problems and solutions. The increase in specialty crops like hops and vineyards, for Michigan’sbooming winery and brewery industry, has also impacted us. For those wanting organic hops and grapes, we are the best choice!

5. Describe the company culture in three words.
We are family!

6. How is the company engaged with the community?
Morgan Composting puts emphasis on supporting projects that involve gardening and agriculture efforts in Michigan, such as 4H programs and donating products to community gardens, school greenhouses and ag programs, and garden clubs.