September 14, 2014

The Morning Sun

Saying Mt. Pleasant’ Ron McIvor is passionate about hunting would probably be an understatement.

The Midland native has been bow hunting all his life, and he knows the joy and the loss that comes with the sport.

In fact, McIvor did something to help himself and other bow hunters with his invention, the “Second Cut Arrow.”

“I love hunting,” he said. “I love providing for my family.

“But it’s frustrating when you hit an animal and then lose it. I saw a need for an arrow that has more kinetic energy; that created a quicker kill, and that prevented loss to the hunter.”

McIvor began envisioning 10 years ago a component that would fill that need.

He came up with the basics for Second Cut Arrow, LLC, an in-shaft arrow attachment that deploys on contact.

McIvor tried some early self-built prototypes and said they were hugely successful in his own hunting experiences.

After years of conceptualizing on his own, however, McIvor was stuck.

He needed help with the next steps.

“For so many hunting seasons I tested it out and watched the people who hunt with me get really excited about the concept,” he said. “I was at a loss on where to go or what to do next, though.”

Through his daughter’s involvement with the Central Michigan University College of Business, McIvor was able to use a student team within the Isabella Bank Institute of Entrepreneurship.

When the project was completed, McIvor was selected to participate in the CMU Research Corporation program, which assisted him in building a business foundation, and forging strategic relationships within the industry for prototyping and manufacturing.

CMURC also assisted McIvor in facilitating funding options through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to move his product forward.

“The timing couldn’t get any better; Second Cut Arrow is in the final stages of development,” CMURC President and CEO Erin O’Brien said. “We anticipate the product hitting the shelves by the start of Michigan’s bow hunting season in October.”

Second Cut Arrow is designed to create a more humane and lethal shot in bow hunting.

Once the arrow makes contact with the animal, a second set of cutting blades is deployed, effectively reducing the amount of lost game for bow and cross bow hunters by creating a larger blood trail and quicker death.

Second Cut is designed to work with all broad-heads and arrow tops currently on the market.

For now, Second Cut Arrow is available for pre-order and cmurc.com/exchange/second-cut-arrow and clicking on the “Get It” option.