October 24, 2013


What would you do if I told you your company could save upwards of $40,000 per year through some new technology created in Michigan? That’s a serious question – because thanks to teamwork from CMURC and Industrial Cryogenic Engineering, LLC (ICE), your company could save thousands.

The savings all stems from ICE’s manipulating of molecules in metal. This, in turn, has made the metal last two to four times longer than what is currently available on the market.

Gary Moeggenberg, owner of ICE, said in a recent press release, “The price per part for some of the equipment I process is upwards of $8,000.” Through cryogenically processing the part – using the world’s largest cryogenic vessel – companies could only need three to five parts per year. “That’s huge savings,” Moeggenberg added.

His technology doesn’t stop there – it’s made for you, too. “An individual can talk through my doors with three lawnmower blades at $20 per blade and for $5, I will process their blades so they will last two to three times longer,” said Moeggenberg.

CMURC and Moeggenberg have been working together for a little less than a year. CMURC is a nonprofit business incubator that works with Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant SmartZone and other local, regional, and statewide partners to help its startups. The company focuses on advancing economic development in the community by providing both physical space and essential business services.

It was through Moeggenberg’s partnership with CMURC that he was able to take a step forward in his business. His was the first company accepted into the CMURC Right Choice Program, a competitive, three-phased program that guides entrepreneurs through to their first sale. ICE will also be the first company to graduate.

“It is very obvious that ICE would not be moving forward the way that it is without the CMURC team,” Moeggenberd said.

Industrial Cryogenic Engineering, LLC is centrally located in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. To learn more about their company, visit http://www.ice-metals.com.

For more information about CMURC, please visit their website at https://www.cmurc.com/.