April 11, 2018

​​The Morning Sun

The sound of ice cream truck music is echoing through Mt. Pleasant as new, family-owned Sweet Treats Ice Cream Truck rolls into town starting this week.

A variety of fresh ice cream including SpongeBob ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, cookies and cream cups, chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones, as well as jolly rancher and bubble gum snow cones fill the freezers. They also have potato chips and soda to go along with the treats.

“We try to take into account everybody’s wishes and try to do our best to carry the things that people are looking for,” Daniels Fischer, co-owner of Sweet Treats Ice Cream Trucks, said.

Daniels and his wife, Kellie Fischer started this business together. They said they have never seen an ice cream truck in their area, so they converted a transit van.

Kellie Fischer was inspired back in July when she saw an ice cream truck go by in Houghton Lake and that was the first time their kids had seen one.

“They were so excited and she just wants to do that same type of thing for everyone’s kid,” Daniels said.

Kellie Fischer grew up in the Lansing area where there was an ice cream truck every summer that would come around; remembering how much fun it was and how much she enjoyed it as a kid, Kellie wanted the same experience for her two kids.

“It’s to deliver smiles to all the kids in the area,” Kellie said. “Allow them to have the experience to have an ice cream truck go down their street.”

Daniels Fischer doesn’t think there are a lot of recreational activities for kids to look forward to, but this is something everyone can enjoy.

The Fischer’s, who have lived in the area for six years, don’t want parents worried about who is showing up on their street, so they got background checks with the city of Mt. Pleasant.

Their ice cream will be delivered from a push cart and a truck. The push cart will be around downtown through different parks, while the truck is set to travel through different neighborhoods in town.

The Fischers plan to tour Mt. Pleasant, Shepherd, St. Louis, and Alma and will use the business’s Facebook page to update the truck’s location.

The prices range from $1 to $4, and Sweet Treats Ice Cream Trucks can book for a party or special event as well.

Officially debuting Sweet Treats on Tuesday, the Fischers started their day around 2:30 p.m. when schools being to let students out.

They started near the high school, then the middle school, and finally the elementary schools.

Once summer begins they will start their day at 11 a.m. and end at around 9 p.m.

Sweet Treats Ice Cream Trucks can be contacted at 517-894-5844.

“This is just one thing we can do that is not only fun for the kids, but fun for our whole family to do together,” Daniels Fischer said. “Delivering smiles one treat at a time.”