PERKS AT WORK - By Kathryn Will, GLB Magazine
June 10, 2015

GLB Magazine, pg. 14

Offering incentives and activities at the office may boost employee morale and increase overall job satisfaction.

Workplace perks such as a weekly happy hour or flexible scheduling may sound too good to be true, but these add-ons are becoming more common as employers aim to recruit and retain the best talent around.

Rusty Beckham, president of Saginaw based Scott & Miller Group, offers workplace perks to balance the high-stress and highly creative job his employees do and to distinguish his company from competitors.

"Happy employees equal happy clients," Beckham says. "It is important that our employees are having a good time and enjoying getting up in the morning to come to work."

At Scott & Miller Group, a marketing communications agency, perks range from compensation bonuses to summertime pig roasts to quirky holiday celebration that include in-office games. National Play-Doh Day, for example, prompted one employee sculpture competition and sparked some creativity on the work front too.

Clients are invited to join staff members in experiencing the perks at Central Michigan University Research Corporation (CMURC), and organization that supports entrepreneurs in building businesses.

Perks at CMURC center on making the workplace a fun and collaborative environment, says President and CEO Erin O'Brien.

On Wellness Wednesdays, you can find the staff playing a game of kickball or comparing the steps taken that day, counted on their company supplied FitBit trackers.

Thursdays mean "Beer Thirty", a time when employees and entrepreneurs can kick back with a cold one and talk shop in a casual setting.

"We experience the high-highs and low-lows along with our entrepreneurs, and we needed to make sure that we didn't get burnt out," O'Brien says.