December 1, 2020

Riverfront Saginaw

"My story came out of tragedy. I am a domestic violence survivor, at the hands of my father.
The cycle of abuse from my grandfather repeated itself with my dad, and then with me. A lot of times, someone people might call a predator, started out as a victim. And the cycle continues. It took me saying, ‘It stops with me’, to create the difference. And I started to speak out on these issues instead of being silent.
On May 5th, 2018, my brother was fatally shot and murdered, going to a friend’s house, by a man addicted to crack cocaine.
I am not against guns, in no way shape or form. We are more than correct to have that silver right to bear arms. Any person should be able to protect themselves. There are legal ramifications, and there are regulations that allow us to get guns, that I don’t agree with. There’s no psychiatric testing before you get a gun. The regulations are not strong enough, dude.
Gun violence is the number one killer of African American men in the US. Another fact, gun violence is one of the top ten killers, period, in the US. We are number two, and second to Brazil, on gun violence. I believe that regulation isn’t strong enough. Obviously, it’s not when we are number two. I take issue with that.
With Sparkalena Speaks, I have been speaking about Black Culture, minority race and gun violence issues for… I’ve lost count of how many years by now.
I’ve volunteered my time with groups for youth, such as Aim High and Youth Move Saginaw since I was a young lady. I’ve been working with ministry groups in Saginaw, speaking on the issues that plague youth and black culture here in Saginaw. And I’m a DJ at 101.1 The Beat at Central Michigan University. I’ve been featured on 107.1 KISS.
Being a good public speaker is about owning who you are. God has given you your story because you’re the only who can handle it—so own it. You don’t have to worry about being anybody else. One thing no one can beat you at is being you, right?
You are the expert on being you. That story shaped you into the person you are. You have the pen to write your story. There is power in that. We don’t create our circumstances, or the trials and tribulations. At the end of the day, though, we write the outcome."
- Sparkalena Boose